Sunday, March 14, 2004

The Internet's a Dangerous Place, but the DIRTBOMBS ROCK!!!!!

Yeah, I've been trying to write about this all day, but it just hasn't happened. Because as soon as you start doing a little online research to help your writing, you end up 1)learning unexpected things, 2)joining new message boards, and 3)spending lots of hours on the web. Then you end up partying on a Saturday night, and BAM! it's 4 AM before you post anything. And then you get to doing something else, get tired, go to bed, and it's 4 PM before you post anything. As you can tell, this entry has been a real labor of love and also, this weekend has not been conducive to blogging.
So yeah, the show was AWESOMES!!!!! I thought all three bands played pretty well, and though it started kinda late for my liking, the sets were compact and the change-overs were short, so it didn't take too long. I know, most people don't care about that on a Friday night, but I'm one of those losers who had to work Saturday morning.
Anyway, with a 8 PM door time, the opening band, the Cheater Slicks, started a bit after 10. Andy and I killed some of that time by going to White Castle before going into Little Brothers, so that was good. I thought the Cheater Slicks, a local band, rocked pretty hard. Though I'd seen them before, it was the first time I realized that the lead singer works at Used Kids. I think that's probably on the application to work there: "Are you in a band? For how many years? Do you play out alot?" It was just three older garage dudes pounding on their instruments and screaming some "lyrics" for about half an hour plus, I liked it.
After a short break, the Greenhornes hit the stage. They're a garage-pop band from Cincinnati on Telstar Records, and they were pretty good. I would describe their sound as the early poppy Beatles sound, only rocked out. I think Andy liked these guys a bit more than I did: it was good, but I wasn't knocked on my ass. But we did notice a woman we will call "Runaround Sue" who sure dug it. She danced her ass off, using about every 60s rock dance move known, and she dressed the part too. I decided that she must have been in a competition to win a date with the Fonz, hopefully she won.
And then, after a bit longer break, Mick Collins, the black lead singer/lone guitarist of the Dirtbombs came on stage and started playing some weird stuff on the guitar. Soon, the rest of the band came on stage and worked into a groove. In my internet research into the band yesterday and today, I found out alot more about the band than I knew before. I'm not completely sure of the lineup that was on stage Friday night, but they kept their traditional instrumentation: two drummers, two bassists, and Mick on guitar. Now that's rock 'n roll! Now, in what I'm sure causes much dismay to Andy, the hot Asian chick on the fuzz bass turns out to be Ko, lead singer of Ko and the Knockouts, another Detroit garage band. I guess she fills in occasionally for the Dirtbombs, but whatever, she rocked! And I'm not sure who the dude on bass was, I don't think it was Jim Diamond, who has played with a billion garage bands and records all the good ones at his Detroit studio, Ghetto Recorders. OK, enough back story. The show rocked. They played lots of great originals and covers (the only Dirtbombs album I currently own, "Ultraglide in Black" is all covers), but the standouts for me were "Underdog," "I Can't Stop Thinking About it," and "I'm Through With White Girls," which I think was the singalong highlight of the show. For that one, Ben Blackwell, one of their drummers, came out front to sing and Mick went back on drums. Ben jumped into the audience and moshed around a bit right by us, then did one of his weird end-over-end flips back onto the stage. So after thoroughly rocking us for about an hour, they left the stage. They soon came back and played a couple more. At the end of the second song, everything went haywire. Ko was playing her bass while laying on Ben's back, he was standing up, sorta crouched, and still playing the drums! Then she got off of him, and soon Ben did another flip thing over the drums and into Ko, knocking her over! It was mayhem, and Ben's drums got knocked over and the stage was a mess. They left the stage again and most of the audience thought it was over. But then they came back again! Mick went back behind the drums and set about fixing Ben's set and Ben sang again, just a weird jam of some sort. A little more craziness and they were done around 1:30. Wow! The only disappointment is that they were sold out of CDs, they just had vinyl and a t-shirt that I wasn't a big fan of. So I got to bed around 2, woke up a bit after 7 and went to work, oof. But it was worth it! Best rock show that I've seen in a long time!
So the rest of the weekend has been lazy and crazy. Late last night, I took care of the Dirtbombs problem and I ordered their two other CDs off CDUniverse, which has good prices. And Chops and I ordered one of the Hip-Hop Honeys DVDs after seeing the commercial on BET Uncut! They showed "Tip Drill" AND "Booty Poppin," it was great! They also showed "Super Hoe" by Filthy Rich, an up and coming star of the Uncut "genre."
I'm heading out soon for Wrestlemania, hopefully it'll be good. And remember, tomorrow is Apollo Sunshine! Anyone reading this should go, unless you aren't here in town. OK, this is way too long, I'm done. Sally forth, or something.

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