Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Best Episode of Bonanza...EVER

Man, I'm sure glad I only worked until 2:30 today, because at 4, PAX showed a fine episode of Bonanza. It was a flashback episode where a much younger Ben Cartwright was struggling to cross the country with his 5 year old son Adam. There were fights, relationship drama, and more tied together with the trademark Bonanza charm/cheese. It even showed the inspiration for Hoss' name/nickname. It was awesome.
So it looks like the Apollo Sunshine show is a go for next Monday, the 15th, at Little Bros. There's no opener listed, doors are at 8, and the tix are 8 in advance and 8 at the door. I know, it's no low dough show, but I wouldn't see why we still couldn't posse up to the max for this one. If you haven't seen 'em yet, you need to, they rock hard.
In other concert news, I got an email from my college friend Margaret today who says, among other things, that her and her hippie friends (sorry, but it's the truth) are going to Bonnaroo! Now, since no one here seemed to have the right amounts of time, interest, and money, I had decided not to go. So of course she has to un-knowingly revive the debate. So if anyone reading this has anything to say on the matter, like you want to go, you think I'm a dumb hippie for wanting to go, you love Tennessee, anything like that, please help me figure this out. Oh yeah, for those of you who don't know, Bonnaroo is a huge outdoor music/camping festival in Manchester, Tennessee, being held June 11-13 this year. Check it out on the web here. OK, that's all I got, laters on y'alls.

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