Thursday, April 01, 2004


I mean, hello there fallows, here's a nice update. Sorry it's been a few days, I've been busy rockin.
Now, the story of how Chops and I tried to put up a rock band (or two) for the night. Last night, we went to Little Brothers to see the Modey Lemon, the Apes, and Gris Gris, all fine rock bands of one sort or another deserving of your attention. When we arrived, Gris Gris, a psychedelic band from San Fran, were in the middle of their set of weird, yet intriguing tunes. They ended the set with a long-ass jam that involved folks from the other bands coming on stage to play/set up and a crazy guy with a turban coming out to play the gong. It was great! My theory is that the turbaned fellow may indeed be the "Birdman" himself, as this was "The Carnivorous Rampage Tour 2004" of Birdman Records bands. So though the boys from SF played a fine set, they did not prepare us for the all-out RAWKKK of the Apes!!! They came out in mostly crazy 70s garb. With his sweatband and cut-off workout clothes, the drummer looked like a cross between Ben Stiller's and Luke Wilson's characters in Royal Tenenbaums. And they have a hot chick named Amanda (pictured above) that plays the organ! She had an ape-like face mask when she came out, but lost it after a few songs. Anyway, they play some sort of grungy, groovy, raucous, hard rock that had me moving the whole set. The crowd, which was decent, did contain alot of coolbots, and weren't really moving along with me, oh well. Anyway, check out the Apes' site, they rock the hardest. And though Modey Lemon rocked pretty damn hard too, the Apes definitely had the better set, just because it was more engaging. Modey Lemon just came out and went to business, and it was mostly instrumental thumping away, drowning out the vocals. Good, but no Apes. And now the aforementioned story. During both the Gris Gris and Apes sets, the folks on stage mentioned that they didn't have alot of friends in town and needed places to stay. After the Gris Gris set, being the nice guy that I am, I mentioned to their merch guy that we could probably house them, but he wasn't sure what the deal was. Now when the Apes mentioned that, we were instantly ALOT more interested, since 1)they rocked harder, 2)there were less of them, and of course 3)they included a hot chick! So they thought they would probably end up staying here, I think Amanda actually said they would at one point. But when we were leaving and I was about to give her directions and everything, she said they had found some other folks to stay with that didn't have to get up as early as we did! Sonofabitch, that would have been cool, but these rockin' types, they're too considerate. I mean it, all the people we talked to last night were super-nice. Anyway, after buying a bit of their merch, I stopped to get a Birdman comp from the Gris Gris guy, who was still interested in those guys spending the night here. So I gave them directions and the phone number and we left and prepared for their possible arrival. But alas, we got a phone call that they had found somewhere else that also was getting up later than our busy household. These considerate rockers, robbing us of good times! Hahaha, oh well, maybe someday we'll host a rock band.
Wow, I had alot to say about that, so I'm gonna stop there. This weekend should be a bit more subdued, I'm pretty tired, but don't hold me to that.

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