Saturday, April 03, 2004

Moviola hotness!

OK, now that I'm back up to speed, what's goin on? Soon I shall be hangin out with my friend Armond, a former fellow student of mine at the Woo and now going to OSU. I'm listening to Erykah Badu's "Worldwide Underground" right now thanks to him, good lookin out!!! It's not too bad, actually. We'll probably watch today's purchase of the Krush Groove DVD, or maybe Hip-Hop Honeys, hahaha.

Last night, Chops and I (John met up with us as soon as the entertainment ended) went to the Moviola CD release party for "East of Eager" at Used Kids. It was cool. There was general hangin out and shopping beforehand, then the boys played for about an hour. There was free Adriaticos pizza, and it was BYOB. It was just funny to see people smoking and drinking fancy beer in Used Kids, haha. I did pick up a copy of "East of Eager" last night, haven't listened to it yet, but based on what they played last night, it should be good. I also picked up a Baby Face Willette Blue Note LP for $20. Expensive, yes, but I think I would have had internal conflicts for weeks if I hadn't bought it, so oh well. It better be good. Next Friday night, another of one of these types of events for Illogic at Magnolia Thunderpussy, it'll be dope. Have a good night.

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