Friday, April 09, 2004


Wow, I haven't posted since Saturday, so I thought I'd take advantage of this late start to my workday to say hi. Lately it seems I post something, then wait until people start yelling at me and calling me a bitch for not posting, then post again. Fun, ain't it?
MAY 4TH! MAY 4TH! MAY 4TH! Yes indeed, folks, May 4th seems to be the date for Funky D to spin some madness at the Ravari Room, the cool new spot next to Hounddogs that I hit every Tuesday night. So look out for some party jams to be played by yours truly (and Wicked Lung and the Wookalar, we can't really forget the hosts, can we?!?!?) and a good time to be had by all. Don't worry, there will be plenty not-so-subtle reminders here, and from me in person, so you won't forget. MAY 4TH!!!
Last night I went with John and a bunch of his Cop-Ez co-workers to Brothers to give John a sort of going-away party. It was a good time. Sure, the music sucked, but watching John get really drunk and be his zany, goofy, really drunk self was great as always. Especially awesome was John going over a railing with a head-over-heels flip thing and ONLY knocking over a few empty beer bottles and pissing off a girl or two. Impressive. Also impressive was the amount of girls there, damn. It's too bad I hate places like that, hahaha.
Wednesday night, Andy and I made it to Little Brothers to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, always an awesome treat. Jeffrey Lewis opened, and it was a fine set of anti-folk, including his showing of two "videos," which were basically big slow-motion flip books which he displayed while singing without accompaniment. The second one was his documentary on the history of K Records, which was humorous and informative. And of course the Trachtenburgs put on a fine (slide) show. I was disappointed that they changed some of the lyrics and the melody to "Mountain Trip to Japan, 1959," but I guess it was time to freshen it up. Pa Trachtenburg was funny in his plentiful on-stage rambling, especially on the strings he bought at the String Shoppe (which he wanted to call Strictly Strings). Rachel, the little drummer daughter, had a few rhythm problems, but all in all rocked pretty hard, and also was quite the merchandise pitch-girl.
OK, gotta go to work, will be going to Magnolia Thunderpussy sometime between 7 and 9 tonight for the Illogic in-store, you should come, because ol' Pussy Napier decided to make "dinner plans" at the LAST minute. Boo.

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