Sunday, April 18, 2004


Howdy folks, how's it hangin'? I'm getting ready to start my last two weeks at Huntington after a rip-roaring weekend o' fun. I was in Bloomington, IN, for a big party of my old frat buddies. Good times were had by all, and it was definitely cool to see all those folks. Seeing the cool South Bend jamband Jassy Grazz at Uncle Fester's in Bloomington last night was really sweet, now that is a damn good band. I thought it couldn't be done, but they covered both "Caribbean Queen" and "Groove is in the Heart"!!! John and I were hitting each other in the shoulder it was so good. Yes, it was one craaaaazy weekend.
The Thursday night viewing of "Wrong Turn" with Andy and Ashley was pretty good, though those were some freaky-lookin' inbreds. Also, Ravari Room is definitely the favorite hangout spot of the moment, as I was there three nights in a row last week, and I hear good things are coming up (MAY 4TH!!! MAY 4TH!!! MAY 4TH!!!) It was a pretty good week.
OK, I gotta gets some shuteye. I think tomorrow night I'm meeting up with Chops in Wooster (probably the only sure way to get him home, haha) and going up to Cleveland to see Robert Walter's 20th Congress, which should be a damn good time. I'm also contemplating the Savath & Savalas show at the Wexner Center on Wednesday, let me know if you wanna go, it should be cool. Talk to y'alls later.

Bonus Question: If you can name the hip-hop artist who made the song that includes the title of this blog entry in its hook, you win a special prize. Look it up on the internet or something, I don't care. Good luck.

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