Tuesday, April 13, 2004

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

OK, fine, bad news first. John left today. Boooooey hooooey hooooey. It's lame that he's gone. Sure, I'll see him this weekend, at the great gathering of old Xi Chis in Bloomington, IN, but then it will be few and far between. I know this sounds lame, but I miss the little guy already (here Ashley, here's some sensitive soul talk for you, enjoy). Oh well, I'll get over it. Also, the apartment is empty now and the only working internet connection is Jamie's laptop which I'm currently using. So don't be surprised if this blog-talk is continually slow-going for a while. Also, fellow blogging friends, sorry if I don't comment on your blog, but time might be limited. So boo on all that.
But, my friends, there is some good news, verily it is so. I GOT A NEW JOB!!! And not the one most of y'all have heard about! I was all set to take that other Huntington job when I was talking about it to my uncle on Easter. When I told him about the money they were offering, he was not very impressed and then started talking about his opening for an office manager at his business and his ability to pay me a bunch more. So I ended up meeting with him last night, where he went over the responsiblities and benefits and whatnot, and offered me 33% more than Huntington did! Sure, it's not millions, but it will do the trick. So I work for the bank through the end of the month, then off to Nextech Materials. It will be challenging, but a good challenge, and definitely better than being a teller, blarggg.

Yessiree Bob, the new album by Columbus' own Illogic is out in stores on Weightless Records. Friday night I went and bought it at his in-store appearance at Magnolia Thunderpussy. Saturday night, Dave, Andy and I (and Jessica and John for awhile) went to Illogic's release party at the High Five. Illogic's stage show for the new album was pretty shaky, he forgot his words a few times and had some technical difficulties, but he kept going and it wasn't too bad. One Man Army of Michigan's Binary Star was on before him, he was dope, yo! Definitely check those guys out at http://subterraneousrecords.com/. Columbus' Envelope, sorta affiliated with the notorious Thought Collective, opened, and he put on a good show, look out for his debut EP coming soon. And DJs POS2 and Tanner (D from the old Sound on Sound, RIP) played some fine tracks. Definitely a quality lineup. And it was cool to hang out with Dave for the first time in months. Now we're lucky if we ever see him again. Also, I missed the 5th year anniversary of Sunday night Hip-Hop at Bernies on Sunday, mainly because I slept four hours Saturday night and just couldn't keep going Sunday night, oh well. I hear that JUICE ripped it, even without musical accompaniment. Not surprising.
OK, I think y'all are just about up to speed again, let me know if you have any questions, haha. I think I may go to the Ravari Room soon, sorry I missed the movie night tonight, I was still hanging out at Grandmas'. 'Night!

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