Saturday, April 03, 2004


So, the loyal readers and friends of this blog have called to my attention that I glossed over some fine events of the days before that beautiful rock fest on Wednesday night. So here goes:

Sunday: After sleeping the day away in recovering from the Mannhaus festivities, I was ready to go to a beach party with John at the apartment of one his hot OSU classmates. It was pretty fun, and if local hip-hop celebrity Daymon (aka So What?, aka John Allcock) chose to be there before Bernies, then how could it be bad? Hahahaha. There weren't nearly enough women in bikinis, or women period, but it was still fun. This drunk guy Josh was basically able to fool around with two women at the same time, so more power to that guy. We also got to taste cinnamon dust stuff off this girl Tiffany's chest, quality. The main bummer of the night, other than having to walk down and back to the party (40 minutes each way), was this strange girl coming into the party and leaving abruptly with the unopened bottle of rum John brought to the party! Craaaazy. Those zany college bitches, gotta love 'em.

Monday: Nothing exciting that I remember, if I'm overlooking something...too bad, I'm not writing about something not that memorable a week after it happened.

Tuesday: Another cool Tuesday night at the Ravari Room, only this time we were actually able to posse up to the max. In total, I think we had eight folks there (Me, Chops, Jamie (for a while), Andy, Ashley, Lee, Franz, and Lucas), so that was damn cool. Wicked Lung and Wookalar were spinnin some nice tunes as usual, and their guests (not sure who) played some mellow pop oldies and 80s R&B, haha. It's definitely a cool weekly spot.

I think I covered the high points, I probably missed something, but like O.C. said, Time's Up!

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