Saturday, July 31, 2004

Titles are rad, except for this one

Wow, another 10-day lull between posts (and that last one was just quick info!), so we'll dedicate this one to ol' Lee "Tok Dogg" Masheter for finally begging me to get on the job. I think the main problem is that I haven't seen a whole lot of shows recently. Anyhoo, I think the plan for tonight is for Andy and I to check out the Vertical_Slumbeque (the stupid underline thing is the only way I could figure to get the stupid link to continue, any better ideas are greatly appreciated) at Little Brothers. It starts around 6, with lots of local and national bands and some BBQ. Should be a damn good time. Next week the rock could definitely pick up quite nicely. Skullys is a possibility for both Tuesday and Wednesday: Tuesday's bill features the Heroes of History (though it's a "Blitz Local Stuff" show, which I think deserves a boo), and Wednesday night is the rescheduled Doctah X, Wicked Lung & the Wookalar, and River of Wine (new project led by Antoine of the dearly departed Monster Movies) show, awesome. Thursday night I would love to hit Bernies to see Pearlene, a supposedly quality band that I missed the last time they were in town. And I'm sure I'll catch some shows next weekend, maybe another Little Bros rockin BBQ show, the possibilities are endless. reviews!!!

Thursday: Amy, Ashley and I were just hangin' out at the Ravari Room, minding our own business, and the FUNK issued forth! I later found out it was the New Basics Brass Band, recently reborn here in Columbus. Upon further research at their site, I discovered that this is now a weekly thing, which is fuckin awesome, especially if its always free! They even had Paul Brown make an appearance on the geetar, sweeeeet. I think my favorite tune that I heard was their cover of the Meters' "Cissy Strut," though of course hearing it made me think of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band cover. Highly recommended Thursday night horn funk!

Wednesday: Andy, Jason and I went to Cafe Bourbon Street for a hip-hop/hardcore DJin shindig. Ol' Wes Flexner and cohorts (I don't think we even heard Alan Greenspin or Columbus hip-hop superstar Envelope spin) were crunkin out the jam! It even got me thinking that the song about spinners (yeah that probably doesn't narrow it down) ain't that bad.

Last Friday: Chops, Andy and I saw Wicked Lung & the Wookalar and the Lab Rats kill shit at Bernies (we missed the Husher set, oh well). The Wicked Lung set was a bit experimental, as they had a jazz drummer friend of theirs ("Fluff Snake") playing along on every song. It was pretty cool. And of course stuffed animals and People magazines bit the dust, along with a fine performance by a battery-powered crawling Minnie Mouse that Wookalar may have sexually attacked. Hahahaha. I was quite impressed by the Lab Rats, who just do some (mostly) straight-ahead hip-hop. And then, just to keep you on your toes, the MC pulls out a guitar and puts down a bluesy solo. Check them out here and check them out live!

OK, I think I covered all the bases. This Band of Bees album is pretty good, and after much searching I found it for cheap at Hard to describe, as they can be funky, psychedelic, poppy, and mopey, all on the same disc. Good stuff, especially since they show their true love for Brazilian rock and cover "A Minha Menina" by Os Mutantes, now that's a quality band. Have a good day, everybody, and keep me on task, huh?


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