Monday, July 12, 2004

Wait wait wait wait wait, it gets worse!!!

And, come to think of it, while I'm not DYING of thirst, I could go for a refreshing beverage and am assuredly not watered-down.

So yes, I know, it's been way too long with no updates. Yesterday Chops re-formatted his hard drive and his computer is now once again able to reach the internet, so here I am. I mean, it only took me 10 days! So, before I go into old timey show reviews, I'll give you a quick peak into the future, mwahahahaha!

Thursday: Gravy Train w/ Fat Girls By the Snack Table, 6:30, Andyman's Treehouse. Yes indeed, two crazy, keyboarded-out girl groups will rock an early show at Andyman's Thursday. As noted here before, I have seen the Fat Girls (Columbus' own) already, and they rock (and I wouldn't call them fat, either). Andy and I are going, you should too.

Saturday: Possibilities: Unpossibles, 5:00, at Madlab Benefit show. Dejavu w/ Malayerba at the Dell Cafe, around 10. Chase Manhatten & DJ Auxsend, Dangler Fam, Serg, Wes Blizzy, 10 PM, Oldfields on 4th. Can I do three in a night? It would be sweet if I could, especially since I'm friends with at least one person involved in each of these shows. Andy and I are already set on the Unpossibles show, gotta love the set time. Two of my co-workers are in Dejavu, a Columbus Latin band, and I've recently wanted to check out the Dell, plus my sister and her friend are going, so that is a strong possibility. But the hip-hop extravaganza at Oldfields is also looking pretty nice. Chase and Auxsend are good guys, and I wanna see the Dangler Fam after hearing some of their MP3s (like "She's a Clever Beaver Cleaver"), plus the show costs 3 measly bones. Decisions, decisions.

So now I will proceed to turn my sights back to the past and give you the show write-ups you've been salivating over...

Friday: Heroes of History rocked Ruby Tuesdays. Now, I might have been the only person in attendance (well, other than the band) that was really into it, but damn, it might have been my favorites Heroes set yet, even without "Your Mom." Just full-tilt rock 'n roll mayhem, other than the one story-based song. Ashley and Katie get cool points for seeing them with me, though I don't think they were rocked that hard. Or maybe it just seemed that way to me.

Sunday (4th of July): The "Off the Clock" EP Release Party w/Illogic & DJ PRZM and Spitball at Bernies was another crunked-out good time. Illogic's set was polished, Spitball did "Hold the Floor," lives were saved. It's that simple. I had a damn fun evening with Chops, Amy, Allison, and Stephanie after the ol' Whetstone fireworks. It's good that Bernies has returned from its liquor-license suspension with a bang (and I'm told they kept up the momentum last night with J. Rawls DJing). God Bless America!

Saturday (the 3rd): Jaga Jazzist rocked the Performance Space at the Wexner Center to its core. This is a band that I've heard bits and pieces about over the last few years, but had never gotten the full picture. Well, I like them alot. It's 10 Norwegian folks (9 skinny guys and a healthy-sized woman playing the tuba!) playing an electronic jazz that's hard to categorize. Some tracks were almost hard rock, others were more light and tuneful, others just ambient noise and blips. But whatever was going on, the band members were into it. There's something about enthusiasm and conviction that can make any type of live presentation work, whether it's a speech, a play, or a musical concert. These guys just loved what they were doing. When they came out and setup, a beat started and most of the band started bobbing their heads, even though there wasn't much going on yet. This included a smiling guy with a bass clarinet around his neck! Full-on band geek awesomeness. You should check out Jaga Jazzist on the web and scroll down the page for their personal thoughts on their first US/Canada tour, including the Columbus show.

Friday (the 2nd): They Might Be Giants and Corn Mo at the Boom Bash, Promowest Pavilion. TMBG was pretty good, with good performances of their songs and witty stage gimmicks. Corn Mo was this "corny" one-man accordion band, with foot cymbal, playing weird originals about being mistaken for Gary Busey and middle school incidents with kids peeing on each other. Weeeird.

As you can tell by that last review, I'm tired of writing. So stay tuned this week for new CD reviews, and keep fighting the good fight, peoples!!!

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