Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Simple Math: Nerd - nerd + nerd = NERD

Yeah, and back in the day I was nerdy about "useful" stuff like academics.  Ha!  Anyway, I'm finally getting around to writing about my musical weekend.  Until Friday, I had a streak going of 14 shows in a row at different venues, by my own estimation.  Of course, this includes free events like OSU Springfest and Comfest (and counts Comfest as one show) and also Bonnaroo, though I paid enough money for that I think I can count it as whatever I want to.  Here's the list, starting in late May:
Dick's Den, Newport, Oldfield's on High, Skully's, Little Brothers, Springfest (South Oval), Bonnaroo, Bourbon Street, Comfest (Goodale Park), Promowest Pavilion, Wexner Center, Bernie's, Ruby Tuesdays, and Andyman's Treehouse.
With the rockstravaganza that Saturday became, chances were good to really stretch out the streak.  But I got a tip from Mike of Heroes of History that Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves from Athens were coming back to Bourbon St. Friday night.  So after a fine Happy Hour at Ravari Room, I convinced a quality posse (Ashley, Chops, Mandy, Renkes, and Renkes' friend Dan, who is awesome because he doesn't sell weed) that we should all head to the Bourbon St show.  Of course, we get there and as we're paying cover, find out that Dirty Johnny and the boys were playing Saturday, not Friday.  Sonofabitch.  Too late.  So we ended up seeing the Everyday Heroes (decent rock band, shitty singer) and the Bogtrodders ("Third Irish Blind"), and the streak was broken for no good reason.  Well, at least I got my Gut Bomb fix.

Saturday, I got to work starting a new streak, and achieved the nerdy awesomeness of 5 shows (and approximately 10 acts) in 3 days.  First up was the Unpossibles' convenient 5 o'clock opening slot at Volatility, the Madlab Theater benefit at...Madlab.  They rocked, of course, and Andy, Jason and I had a good time.  Though there were many other bands playing the show, the youngsters weren't down with rocking past 6, so we promptly took off.  Later on, I met up with my sister and her friends to see my co-workers play in the Latin band Dejavu at the Dell Cafe, which is a pretty cool place.  Of course, we got there around 10:40 and Victor assured us that the opening band, Malayerba, would play a quick set and their band would be on around 11:30; while Malayerba didn't actually start until 11:30.  So I caught the first of their two sets, but I soon realized that I wanted to see the hip-hop show, and took off.  I showed up at Oldfield's on Fourth at the end of Chase Manhatten's set, which was him sharing the stage with his local supergroup, the F.I. Division.  Good stuff.  The rest of the night was Cincy hip-hop.  There was Serg, a decent thugged-out guy, and then Dangler Fam Ink, the group I really wanted to see.  They didn't rock "She's a Clever Beaver Cleaver," but there were definitely some quality tracks, like that bolos song.  Look out for the album when it comes out.  Last up was Wes Blizzy and Agile with none other that Cincinnati hip-hop mainstay Skandal da Ruckus Man on the tables.  Their set was also good, with a song that sampled an old soul song (Al Green I think), much to the joy of the girls dancing in front of me.  Skandal's got some beats.  He showed off a bunch of them during the freestyle session which included all the associated MCs above and Cincy's CJ the Cynic, of Weightless fame.  One beat flipped the Schroeder theme from Peanuts quite nicely.  Anyway, it was cool to support the FI boys and it was a good show.  One long night o' rock.

Yes, it hit stores last Tuesday, and I still do not own it.  Don't fret y'all, it'll happen soon enough.  Cuz let's face it, me without a Cos remix album is like Wisconsin without cheese, or something.  I did succeed in picking up Eccentric Soul-The Capsoul Label, though, and now the "Boss with the RED Hot Sauce" can sing me to sleep every night.  Seriously though, the album is pretty damn dope, including "Who Knows" by Marion Black, sampled for a track on RJD2's Deadringer, because RJ is still as local as the day is long.  Good ol' Bustown.
Well, that's more than enough typing for now.  Well, one more random thought, Napoleon Dynamite is pretty flippin' sweet.  Go see it, I'll see it again with you.  OK, bye.

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