Friday, July 16, 2004

Fridays: Making Me Happy Since the Very Late 70s

Yes indeed folks, it's that time again.  Another loooong week in the books.  My last-minute plans to see DJ Greyboy in Cleveland with Ashley have been thwarted by Greyboy supposedly missing his flight and therefore cancelling his show.  Fine, that's fine!  This way I can keep my eye on Columbus and make sure it's rocking sufficiently.  I found out very recently that Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves are playing Cafe Bourbon Street tonight, so that's a distinct possibility.  And I am hopefully a go on all three shows tomorrow night (details below), so if all goes according to plan, when the dust settles I will have hit 5 shows in 3 days.  Good ol' Bustown.

Last night's Gravy Train and Fat Girls by the Snack Table show at Andyman's Treehouse was pretty awesome.  The Fat Girls rocked pretty hard, despite having a member in the Bahamas and therefore having to go without keyboards and some vocals.  I don't know what it's called, but I think my favorite song of their set was the one where there's lots of numbers in the chorus and it ends with "9-8-7-6, 5-4-Fuck You!"  It was a big dance party.  After the set, we talked to the lead singer, whom it turns out had previously found this blog after my review of the last Fat Girls show I saw and was offended by my use of the word "thick" to describe the Girls (well, offended for two hours).  So, for the record, I was using thick to say that I don't think they're fat but still honor the name they gave themselves.  Anyway, it was nice talking to her (wish I knew her name) and it's always (always meaning once) nice to discover people I don't know reading my blog.  You should check the Girls out on the web right about nyah and hopefully they have some fine merchandise soon.  Gravy Train was cool, though they probably only played 20-30 minutes tops, I guess one of their keyboards or something was busted.  So it was a brief gay dance party, yet still very enjoyable for the heterosexual writing this.  I bought the "Ghost Boobs" 12", hopefully it rocks.

Big Summer Tour Lament: Between the days of July 10 and 13, there were three awesome "jam-bandy" bands coming through town.  Unfortunately, they were all opening on huge big-money shows that I had no interest in.  Evidence: The North Mississippi All-Stars opened for Big Head Todd & the Monsters (which would have been strangely awesome) and Blues Traveler (boo!) on Saturday, Robert Randolph & the Family Band opened for Eric Clapton (super-mega-bucks!!!) on Monday night, and Medeski Martin & Wood opened for 311 (shaky at best) on Tuesday.  Dammmit.  Now if only all those fine openers just skipped their tours for the weekend and played a mega-cool show together here in town.  Now that would have been sweet.  Damn these big-money shows that throw on a jamband for popular appeal.  And in a completely different genre, both Ghostface and MOP are on the secret second stage at the "Projekt Revolution" tour which hits town next weekend.  Dammmmit.  Why can't the cool bands play together for affordable prices?  We need a revolution!  "Vive Jay Sherman!  Vive Quebec!!!  Vive Jay Sherman!  Vive Quebec!!!"  Maybe a beaver on a flag held by a man in a goalie outfit on a moose would convince these bastards. 
OK, that's all I got.  Rock rock rock, rock with the rock.

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