Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well, I guess staying up until 5 could make it #5...

but I'm just tired of the streak, so maybe not. What up yos? Lee, I'm jealous of your PJs exploits. Maybe I'll write this real fast and then go get some. Or maybe not. But the Fat Rat is singing its soothing song of love, la-la-la-la-la-love, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-love, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-love, luh-huv. Or maybe that's something else. Anyhoo, Kehn threw a Fall Equinox party on Friday that was pretty kewl. It did the job, that's for sure. And I finally saw his swank digs. Clintonville's my home, what the fuck can I say?
Quick! Rock Reviews!!!

Before the aforementioned party, Lucas and I went to a CD101 Low Dough Show at the Newport featuring The Von Bondies, (Melissa) Auf der Maur, and The Sun. Of course, I had to be the rock 'n roll idiot, think the show would take longer to get going than it did (8 o'clock sharp! Maybe even 7:57!), and we missed most of the Sun-set. But we did get to hear "Girlfriend," so I was OK. The song is awesome (from the new Did Your Mother Tell You? EP due out September 28th), and the animated video is even better! You can watch it (one frame shown above) and another video (or listen to the whole EP) at the band's website right here. Auf der Maur blew. She is a bassist from Montreal who has played with both the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole, and her music sounds like some generic form of that stuff, I guess. Well, one song sounded like "Barracuda" run through the shit machine, and another reminded me of Queensryche with the vocal effects. So Lucas and I yelled things like, "Vive Jay Sherman! Vive Quebec!" "Operation: Mindcrime!" and, our big closer, "Auf der Maur??? More Like AWFUL der Maur!!!" It was great. You know what else was great? Katie being there and buying us beers! Finally, the Von Bondies came on and rocked like they've done to Columbus before. If only these Low Dough Shows attracted less 17 year-olds, right Lucas???
Friday night, the first night of the Andrew and Lucas Rock Adventure, was supposed to be the big This Moment in Black History show at Bernies, but they did not show. Booey hooey hooey. Their historical counterparts, the Heroes of History, were all in attendance, but no dice. The three punk bands (in order of quality: The Feelers, The Krunchies, The Orphans) were OK, but even the scary yelpings of the girl-bassist from the Krunchies could not make me overlook the no-show. Oh well, such is rock.
Thursday night, Andy and I saw Gris Gris, Shell Shag, and Di Di Mao at Cafe Bourbon Street. It was my first time seeing the hot local-chick-ness of Di Di Mao, and I enjoyed it (mmmmmmmm, Little Brothers sound-woman playing drums, mmmmmmmmmm), the rock I mean. Shell Shag, an awesome two-piece band from San Fran that Andy had just seen open for Les Savy Fav (cuz Andy's a fuckin hipster like that), rocked damn hard! A good ol' lo-fi dance party, y'knawmean? Gris Gris, the crazy San Fran psychedelic band, also put on a good show, just like they did when opening for The Modey Lemon and The Apes, but it was kinda mellow for a drunken hangout at Bourbon Street. Still they did that song about Mary and everything was right with the world.
And oh yeah, last night, I went to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band with Citizen Cope, which was also a helluva thing. Citizen Cope played alot of those songs from that album I liked 3 years ago, and some new jams from the new album, so what's not to like? Randolph jammed for over two hours, including covers of "Axel F", "Inner City Blues" (both with Citizen Cope), "Papa was a Rolling Stone", "Don't Worry Be Happy" and "Billie Jean." Wow. They didn't even play "I Need More Love." I always feel like Columbus Randolph shows must be special because Danyel, the bass player, is a hometown boy. I stood next to his brother in the front row. They also had about 100 girls on stage for "Shake Your Hips," which was nice. Robert Randolph is a man to see live.
So after 11 bands in 4 nights, there was no rock tonight. Just a trip to O'Reillys in honor of Ashley's last non-school-night for the year. I don't think there's any rock on tap this week until Friday (downtown political party??? With bands? OKAYYYYY!!!) and Saturday, the day of days, the day Andy and I see GALLAGHER and RJD2 in one night (two different shows, though if that was one bill.....DAMN!), which will be stupendous. So keep rockin', and I'll catch y'all on the flipside.

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