Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Ummm, what comes after DEUX???

Another gap in posts! The world shrieks in horror!!! Or at least, that's what I assume you're doing since nobody has commented in many a moon. It might be partially my fault, but that's no fun, I'm writing, so it must be YOU! But just so we can prove who is NOT at fault, the first person who comments on this post (with a reaction to something I wrote!) wins one CD from the funky, funky stash of stuff I don't listen to! You there, start typing!
Here's an album cover for inspiration:

I got End of the World Party (Just in Case) by Medeski Martin & Wood in the mail today, one day after it was released and one day after I was supposed to get it, which I guess ain't bad (I still feel robbed). I'm definitely diggin' it. It's not as funky as some of the tunes on Uninvisible, but I think it's more consistent, so far. Of course, there are those of you who are not fans of said band, like this guy here, but we can't all be awesome.
To honor one of my more loyal readers, my old college pal Chris Abele (DAT'S MY ROOOOOMMAAATE!!!!!) was in the area from Pasadena for the Labor Day weekend, and more importantly, the triumphant return of Woostock. So yeah, that party was a helluva thing. 21 brave drinkers downed 2 kegs of tasty Yuengling beer in the hills of Pennsylvania. Sure, such consumption can lead to varieties of bodily and interpersonal problems, but everyone survived, hahahahahaha. Damn good time. Evan Berliner is a man to be reckoned with, that's all I got to say. And the Goose is a HELLUVA CAR!!!!!
When Abele and I weren't hangin in the hills, WE WERE ROCKING COLUMBUS TO ITS VERY CORE! Thursday night we caught the weekly New Basics Brass Band shindig at the Ravari Room. They were funky as ever, and Abele and I chatted a bit with the guys, they're pretty cool. Now they just need a gig opening for the Dirty Dozen or Youngblood, and they'll be set. Sunday night, despite being quite worn out from the weekend behind us, we did manage to catch Fat Girls by the Snack Table at the renovating High Five. Man, that's a good band. Yes, a bit weird and a bit of an acquired taste, but those are some tasty tunes! We also made it a few songs into the set from This Bike is a Pipebomb, but their loud yet rural rock was a bit too much at the moment. I might have to check them out in the future though. It was good to have Abele in town, can't wait till next Labor Day.
The future could also be a serious good time. Though I should probably do nothing tomorrow night, I'm tempted by both the first night of the Bustown Reunion at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe and the Brave Combo show at Little Brothers. I mean, I haven't seen a good polka show in a long time, haha. Anybody wanna go? Friday night should see me catching the second night of the Reunion, featuring Lone Catalysts, Envelope, Racist Joe, and the Night Shift at High Five with Andy and maybe my cousin in town from Seattle. Saturday night though, we turn the rock up a notch with Bacchanalia 2004 at Beck's Campground in dear ol' Wooster. Can't wait.
Alright, I've spent long enough on this. I got music to listen to! God bless the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale from my friends and yours at Ubiquity Records. Adios.

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