Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Four = On The Floor

But before we talk about the aftermath of more parties, I must address the bevy of comments I've received in the last week:
1. Abele knows - Complaining gets fresh bloggins baked!
2. SadLee, the Brave Combo show was last Thursday. Andy and I thought about it, but came up with a cheaper, equally appealing option (see below). I'm sure they rocked the house, but as I only know one song of theirs, oh well. I'm sure the polka gods are preparing to strike me down with thunder and leiderhosen as we speak.
3. "Medeski Martin & Wood, I wish you ILL." - David Drake, 2004.
4. Yes, Andy "Matches Malone" Napier won last week's contest, and someday will pick out a fine prize I'm sure. Don't worry, you too will get a chance soon.

Ahh, that's better. This past Saturday was Bacchanalia in Wooster, marking four weekends in a row with major parties for this guy. Bacch is a Wooster tradition, as all sorts of Wooster students, alums, professors, and townies gather for a night of outdoor debauchery at Beck's Campground. There were some bands, but they weren't that memorable (Don't get all worried about me, I know the names of most of them and COULD describe their sound, I just don't feel like it). Not like the infamous Barman debacle of '03. Anyway, it was good to see Dusty, Todd, Margaret, Murray, Stein, David (who will hopefully have something nice to say about that Envelope EP I dropped on him SOON, wink wink nudge nudge say no more), and all them youngsters. I think Chops and I will be in our 40s and still making the trek.

Friday night, Andy and I caught one of the Bustown Reunion shows at the High Five, featuring the Lone Catalysts, Envelope, Racist Joe, and the Night Shift (insert pics I wish I had here). It was mostly a riotous good time. The Night Shift (Jun the Concept and the other guy) was good, it was my first time seeing them. Racist Joe, the duo of DJ Bombay and So What, was funny. It was also my first time seeing them (wow, same for the Lone Cats too), and So What was pretty damn drunk. He still led a rousing version of "Bitch, You Don't Know Shit," and other funny short songs. It was impressive that he made it through the set. The highlight was definitely the set from Envelope and DJ Amos Famous. It might not have been technically perfect, but everyone was really into it and Envelope played with the crowd pretty well. I mean, I was yelling along with the hook of a song I had never heard before. Definitely a Bustownian to look out for. After too long of a break (I mean, DJ Pos2 was killin shit on the tables all night, but that gets old after a while), the Lone Catalysts, J Sands and J Rawls, came out with an OK but not-thrilling closing set. Alot of people left after Envelope. In my opinion, the Lone Cats burst onto the scene around 5 years ago with some classic singles, but haven't really matched those since. But the new album, Good Music, features Masta Ace and MixMaster Ice, so who knows? Anyway, the show was a great time and I wish I had made all four Reunion shows.

Thursday night, Andy and I saw your pals and mine, the Heroes of History, at Ruby Tuesdays. I was happy to initiate another newbie into the wonder that is the Heroes. They played the usual load of great songs, and kindly agreed to play my screamed request of "Your Mom," which is a brilliant piece of songwriting, if you ask me. They are playing another show at Rubys on October 2 with a ton of other bands, so let's go, OK?

Future Plans:
Friday night: The Orphans and This Moment in Black History at Bernies. I don't know the Orphans, but TMIBH is a quality crazy rock band from Cleveland that supposedly has a good album out and killed shit at 2003's OSU Springfest. Hopefully Lucas and I will be there, will you?

Saturday night: The Von Bondies and Auf der Maur (if absolutely necessary), CD101 Low Dough Show at the Newport. Hmmm, 3 Von Bondies shows in about 6 months? Me likey much much, mmmmm mmmmmmmmm. Let's posse out yo!

Sunday night: I wanna see Robert Randolph & the Family Band at Promowest, do you?

A Review, perhaps?

Wow. I'm not exactly the biggest electronic fan around, but Mishaps Happening by Quantic is a helluva thing. Listening to it on the way back from Bacch, Jerome and I would have been fine if the opening title track had lasted for the whole album. But crazy funky beats kept on coming. GET IT NOW!

OK, that's enough. And oh yeah, I GOT GALLAGHER TICKETS, MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

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