Thursday, September 23, 2004 close!

Why hello there, friend. This year, at least in Columbus, Rocktober really lives up to its name, so I figured you needed the game plan. This is all tentative, as you will notice some nights that have two or three possibilities, or shows that would be nice but won't happen, like the Pixies. But if you would like to see any of these shows, feel free to let me know, as well as if you have any other ideas. Rocktober is a helluva thing.

1. John Wilkes Booze @ Club 202
2. Heroes of History, etc @ Ruby Tuesdays, The Sun @ Little Bros.
4. Pixies/Thrills @ Vets
5. Addison Groove Project @ Little Bros.
8. Black Keys/Blueprint/Cuts @ Newport
9. DeVotchKa @ Café Bourbon Street
10. Lucky Boys Confusion, etc. @ Newport
12. Red Elvises @ Little Bros.
14. Illogic/Envelope/Bru Lei @ Blues Station, Killers/Ambulance Ltd @ Newport
15. Bob Log/Town Bikes @ Club 202, Black Heart Procession/Enon @ Little Bros.
16. Lotsa rock, but I'll be at a WRASSLIN SHOW!!!
17. Decemberists/Apollo Sunshine @ Little Bros.
18. LL Cool J? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
19. Rev. Glasseye/Radio Nationals @ Bernies vs Blonde Redhead/Liars @ Little Bros.
20. North Miss. Allstars/Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ Newport
21. Cake/Northern State@ Promowest
22. Cobra Verde @ Skully’s, Stretch Lefty/Chuck's Junk @ Little Bros.
23. Moving Units/Chinese Stars @ Grog Shop, The Shantee @ Little Bros.
24. Mclusky @ Little Bros.
26. Trachtenburg @ Little Bros.???
27. Antibalas @ Southgate House (Cincinnati)
29. Charlie Hunter Trio @ Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland)
30. Camper Van Beethoven @ Newport
31. Blueprint Release Party @ Bernies

And I probably forgot a few! Plus there will surely be some more shows announced in the near future. So feast your eyes on the rock 'n roll splendor, bitch!

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