Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Live From Fort Nightly

...where I post like it's my job! Of course, with all the funk-fakin' that's been going on around here lately, I need to pay heed to the important findings of a new scientific study:

So, assuming my existence hasn't been nullified, life is good. I went to Chicago with the homie DJ Ginsu, which was fun. His mysterious gig turned out to be an Ohmega Watts show, so that was rather ballin'. I'm DJing an art show Saturday night, so that should be interesting (and worthy of your attendance). Someday soon I will manage to write some sweet shit for ye olde, but you might not want to hold your breath.

It has come to my attention that I have been caught unawares by some gaps in my all-encompassing knowledge of the music bubble in which I choose to live. So, I present to you:

Evidence That My Radar Might Be Broken
(or that the boys in research are asleep at the wheel)

1. The Luchagors played the High Five Sunday night!

Yes indeed folks, the revelrous tone of last night's Broin' Down 6: BROvember Rain at Ruby Tuesday was blindsided by a wave of incredulity when a young Mr. Jackson revealed that he had received an inside scoop: Lita (of WWE fame) and her Luchagors were playing in Columbus.......two nights earlier. Weak. The weekly High Five update probably went right into my spam, or I will receive it today, or some other helpful occurrence. Whatever though, because ALL IS NOT LOST!!! The Luchagors will swing back through Ohio in early December and are playing lovely Heath, OH on Monday, December 4th! A 45-minute drive? The night after Hall & Oates? I'm down, ballers! What up?

2. There's a new Rustic Overtones album?!?!?

So yeah, the only worthwhile band that Maine ever issued forth (I'm kidding, though I have no real evidence to the contrary) decided to reunite and record a new album! WITHOUT TELLING ME!!! A week ago, however, when perusing the myspace of one of their offshoots, I found mention of the Rustic Overtones triumphant return and finally scooped Light At The End off of iTunes on Monday night. And you know what? After about 1.3 listens, it's rather durn good! A pretty anti-war song? Check. A reinterpretation of a previous Overtones jam? Check. Horns? Check. Yeah, this WILL (by gum!) see a proper review at your favorite local music writin' post, so keep an eye out! And you know, if you get a hankerin' for a New England road trip to catch some RO action, holla atcha boy!

Well, I guess neither of these items are real tragedies, so maybe the radar is just a little rusty. The boys in research aren't great mechanics, so some outside consultation is likely in order. Have a nice Wednesday and pray that I write more soon.


(this would have been a new post but I can't just leapfrog over the salutations of the Rustic Overtones nation!) Around midnight tonight (Weds into Thurs) at So What Wednesdays, I was about to go home. Then I told Detox about hearing "Hay" by Crucial Conflict in a Chicago bar and he told me that he was getting more requests for it and that he would play it for me. So I stayed ALL NIGHT. To no avail. Blueprint was DJing up a blue streak and held court until the end of the night. So Detox got him to play "Little Duffle Bag Boy" as a substitute. Really? Andy knows I enjoy that song, but it is NOT "Hay!" Disappointment. Next week is the one year anniversary of So What Wednesdays, so if he doesn't play it then, there will be hell toupee! Gotdamn homie! My mind's playing tricks on me.


Darek said...

So that you don't miss anything else Rustic related, come join us on the message board over at

Andy said...

So your secret commenter is a random RO fan Googling the band's name? DON'T CARE. Nice build up, Ops!

Also, "Little Duffel Bag Boy" is the worst song I've heard this year. Keep in mind that I don't classify anything Soulja Boy Tell 'Em does as "songs." They are more like personal screeds against me personally.

Further, I will go see Lita's band. I think Sorry Keith Jackson needs to go as well, at the very least. Sadly, we would probably not be back in time for Davekwon to get to Target.

Additionally, going back to two points ago, you should be very upset about the "Hay" thing. That song is great. If I smoked hay like the Conflict do, I'd probably be even more angry. You Can't Call Me Al is very selfish.

Supplementally, what bug is up Kelly Kapoor's ass? Also, "He works here, dumbass."

In closing, this was a good blog entry. Maybe you've found the right rhythm. Like a whale and her blubber or squirrels and their acorns, you must store away energy for blogging (blogergy I call it) in order to produce gold like this. You da man.


I saw a dude today who looked so much like Rolo, when I got about two feet away from him, I was about to say, "ROOOOOOOOOO-LOOOOOOOO!" and then realized that it was not in fact Rolo. Same hair, everything. Except he was white.


ptirgz: The eerie stare of Michael Wilbon or Tony Kornheiser.

Funky D said...

Wow, I think your comments were better than the actual post. Though, your "Little Duffel Bag Boy" hate is a bit much.

Andy said...

"Wow, I think your comments were better than the actual post."

Funny you should mention that, given the beginning of my blog entry.