Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Funtime!

All this talk of counting blog posts reminds me that I at least need my November count up to a mighty 3 posts!!! So, here are two rap items worthy of your time:

J Dilla & Busta Rhymes!

Cleveland's own Mick Boogie has graced the internet with a free mixtape (in a long line of free mixtapes) of exclusive unreleased Busta Rhymes tracks over J Dilla beats! The downloading fervor has died down in the few days it's been out, so you should be able to visit and check the jams. No, I haven't listened to it yet, but soon!

Snoop-Pain laying it down!

Mega-ROFL. This came on the real tube Wednesday night and Andy and I were NOT prepared!

Sorry this is short. If you're diggin this shit, let me know, huh? It's been quite quiet 'round these parts. Holler!


Andy said...

Diggin' this shit and also kickin' it just for you.

Davekwon said...

Who is this Dilla??? Jonathan is looking for you, and Jack Frost 2/ Hall and Oates Christmas await!

Andy said...

Where on Earth is the pre-La La Land blog entry? How are you ever going to remember who you were before?