Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alright, Williams...

Despite your FALSE claims that I hate Christmas and Jesus, we're still cool (well fuck, you commented on my blog, you're on the list of my two favorite people). I'm even mulling over your H(oliday)MM invite on my birthday eve. Let's face it, Bro Ho Ho (while fun) was not the same without you. So, I present a little trip down memory lane to about 10 years ago (jacked from a REAL "trip down memory lane" email forwarded by my dad, only useful thing to come out of his forwards ever), NOW WITH GRAPHICS!!!

I never remember what this actually was, just our two-man nickname from Mr. Fawcett. Ah, those were the days.

ROFL. What's up? Don't worry, despite my recent lack of DW writins, I am still producing a 2007 Best Of list (and other projects are in the works!). You can peruse the early-bird entries from my boss Rob Duffy here and from Population: Doug's own Doug Elliott here. I have no idea what records these gents are talking about, but I'm sure they're great.

Did somebody say JENT?!?

Ha. Anyhoo, it's another year where my year-end review is complicated by important-ish hip-hop releases (and no, Lupe, not gonna wait for yours, sorry). So I'm trying to make heads or tails of a bunch of records that I should have listened to months ago and hope to emerge at (OR BEFORE) the end of the year with a list I can stand behind. That'll be the day. Of course, my sturdy and reliable home internet access is currently neither, so that could complicate matters. It has also stopped me from a great deal of e-reading and downloading (I see you, RIAA!), so there's probably other good shit dropping right now that I do not have enough time to review. Best-of lists should be posted in March or something, nawmean?

RIP Ike Turner, 1931-2007

Full story here. It's sad that his (rightfully deserved) bad reputation will sully the public's view of his death, as he did give the world a bounty of groundbreaking music.

Sorry to end on a downer. Thanks for reading!


Andy said...

Capt. Huffenpuff was a straight chump. Sorry. You don't really seem to care much, though. I remember Fawcett calling you guys that though. Whenever I run into him I hope he'll ask, "What are Beany and Cecil up to?" so I can say, "NOTHING YOU IDIOT, BEANY AND CECIL ARE DEAD! THEy'RE DOWN IN MY BASEMENT."

Glad to see the blog back.

Davekwon said...

Is your b-day the 19th? I thought it was the 18th. Jonathan will have my hyde for this date rearranging CATastrophe! ZOINKS! And am I Beany or Cecil?

Lee said...

Bitch probly deserve that shit, maing...

Funky D said...

Wow! Thanks for commenting, dudes.

Dave, my birthday is the 19th, the rest of this thought will travel to your blog...Also, I think it really was a two-man nickname. I don't remember any identification of us separately, just the two of us being "Beany and Cecil."

Andy, like I (not so clearly) said, I don't have much of a concept of that cartoon, so I just think the names are funny and that's about it. Don't know no shit bout no Capt. Huffenpuff.

Lee, you talking about Tina? I'm confused.

Lee said...

I am talking about Tina. Everybody gushed over Nixon when he died, why not Ike?

Andy said...

Fuck Ike. He's only like, the third best Ike of his own century anyway.