Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's A Christmas Miracle!

Look at all the cash you have saved by visiting this blog!

Merry Christmas! I have emerged victorious (unlike my Brownies) from my 28th birthday and a Yuletide illness to blog on Jesus' (and Rickey Henderson's) birthday! Well shit, Christmas dinner is being prepared and they need MY help! So, instead of being a greedy internetter, I better tend to Holiday Happiness at hand. Merry Christmas, the blog's not dead, see you soon!


Andy said...

That's not the real Santa Claus. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL?

Andrew said...

The wool over my readers' eyes. Is it working? Hmmm, perhaps I've already said too much.

Lee said...

I'm wool-free. One of those Hadahkin sheep. The ones that can shoot fireballs.

"vjabln" -- like "motor-boating," only for pussy lips.