Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Stark RAVARI-ng Mad!

Or I will be if you don't come to the Ravari this Thursday! Yes indeed, folks, here is another late plea for you to come check out some Funky Thursdays action this week with tunes spun by Mikey G, the Latino Pimp, DJ Ginsu (maybe), and myself! As usual, the tunes will start around 10 or 10:30, and there is no cover. Attendance has been light lately, so please come out and have a few drinks so the Funky Thursdays live on!


Yes, the voice of all your favorite cartoon characters, MC Chris, is on tour. Though he is not coming to Columbus, he is playing a show Thursday night, October 13th, in at The Union in Athens. I have some worries about ticketing and whatnot that I will research tomorrow (EDIT: Presales have not started yet, though dumb promotional company asserted otherwise. I will remain vigilant on this task, worry not). Assuming it is a go, however, a fine posse of Andy, Dave, Lee, and myself is currently considering this trek, and I've only known about it for five hours! I'll keep you posted, but if anybody else wants to go for funny nerd-rap and Taco John's, holla!

Also, I think (EDIT: We WILL be there, Renkes got tix today, bitches!) Chops, Renkes, and I will be checking out the rocktastic lineup of Def Leppard and Cheap Trick at Nationwide Arena on Thursday, October 27th. Wow.

Well, someday I'll get around to talking about a bunch of other stuff. Laaaaaaaazyyy.


OldNTangyBrewCo said...


Lucas said...

HEY I'm going to cheap trick show woo hoo.

OldNTangyBrewCo said...

section 107 row d hellsya

Andy said...

Okay, the first time I viewed this, I couldn't see the Stifler movie. Damn I want to see that now.

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