Monday, October 03, 2005

Easy as 1-2-3

This is my 123rd post, so thank you for your large part in the revolution. Nevermind. If only I could honestly say, "[muffled]Back then they don't me, now I'm hot they all on me.[\muffled]" Cuz they still don't know me, and I'm not hot. Oh well. The dryer at the Deming-cile sucks. Big red donkey balls. And I'm sweaty. Feh, on to other things.

Week de la Rock
Tonight: Dirty Dozen Brass Band w/ New Basics Brass Band at Little Brothers. Damn, it's hot!
Tuesday: The Capes, Jon Chinn & 1803, Fine Dining at the High Five.
Wednesday: Holopaw, Daedalus, The Black Swans at the High Five.
Thursday: (After catching a sneak preview of Waiting) Sound of Urchin, Black Cat Revival, The Brown Notes at (you guessed it) the High Five.
Friday: Atmosphere/Blueprint instore at Magnolia Thunderpussy
Saturday: Still up in the air. There is a Fiery Furnaces show at the Wexner Center, and there is a Heroes of History/Mors Ontologica/Kola Koca Death Squad show at The Basement (hmmm).
Sunday: Pass out.

Future-er Hype:

Monday, October 10th: The Sun (DVD album release party!), Apollo Sunshine, Greenlawn Abbey at Little Brothers. Damn straight. The album is out (I seen it!), but I will wait to buy it until this show. Will be fun.

Friday, October 14th: Envelope Insignificant Anthems release party w/El Jesus de Magico, etc. Been waiting yeeeeears for this. Better be fun!

Gotta go change laundry. See y'alls on the flipside.


Anonymous said...

Drew out Three Ain't Bad:

I'm seventeen different kinds of there for the Sun/Sunshine show Monday at Little Bros. See you there.

[dr. funkehnstein]

Funky D said...

Indeed, Kehn, indeed. Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell a ho.