Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The tickets for MC Chris at The Union on Thursday, October 13 (Next Thursday) are NOW ON SALE! I can put together an order for the people that are serious about it. With small(er) service charges, the $12 tickets are $14.75 a piece. Holla at a playa ASAP, as I'd like to order these by Friday. Right now I'm counting on Andy and Lee (and myself), assuming Dave is working. And...GO!


Andy said...

Get me that droid clock and you're on.


Okay. I'm in anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Manndrew -

chances are that I'll be showing up at the Little Bros. show Monday on foot (via the bus), so is it cool if I bum a ride home wit you?

[kehnye west]

Funky D said...

Manndrew is a scary name. Yes Kehn, I'd be happy to give you a ride home. Wow, Kehnye West. You really have a talent for that, or something.

Andy said...

Has he ever done Kehnny Wayne Shephard?

Ash said...

I have told you many times I want to go. It's not the drink, I swear, I want to!

Andy said...

The road report is all yours, dog. Also, you're the man now.