Monday, September 19, 2005

Since I've Been Gone...

...this blog can breeeeathe for the fiiirst tiiiime. Dammit. Due to what has to be a conspiracy between people in my life (that barely know each other), Kelly's little ditty is now often stuck in my head. My application for cool points will now surely be rejected. Booay hooay hooay.

Last Chance to Dance Trance (perhaps)
Ahhhh, that feels better. Silly rock puns that no one will get. Huzzah. Anyhoo, this one meant something. I am planning on playing records at another Funky Thursday @ The Ravari Room on Thursday, September 29th. Mikey G & the Latino Pimp, the fine hosts of this funky affair, are unsure of the status of their weekly gig after September. Therefore, if you have ever thought about coming out to one of these and have yet to (or if you're a devoted "fan"), please come out next Thursday and support. Bring friends. A strong showing in the attendance department might help them keep the funk going into October and the future. Do it.

Rock Schedule This Week
Tonight: 40 Year-Old Virgin, Lost Boys (maybe) @ Studio 35
Tuesday: (maybe) The National, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Little Bros.
Wednesday: Who Knows???
Thursday: Gito Gito Hustler & The Spunks @ The High Five
Friday: Benevento Russo Duo & Something For Rockets @ The Patio, Indianapolis!
Saturday: (probably) Four Tet, Hot Chip, Koushik @ Grog Shop, Cleveland!
Sunday: Hurricane Katrina Benefit w/ RJD2, Fonosluts, other DJs @ The High Five
(if cousin wins poker and is not too tired) System of a Down, Mars Volta, Hella @ Nationwide Arena

Whew. I'm pumped that Andy and I are gonna see the Duo on Friday. Since I've missed them in Columbus and Cleveland this summer, Indy is my last, semi-close hope. Wish us luck! Saturday will also be interesting, as this decent show is also a reconnaissance mission for an old pal of mine.

Well, that's that. I'm late for the Music Game @ Andy's. See yins later!


DM said...

Don't feel bad for liking Kelly Clarkson...she is hot without the American Idol crap she had to sing. I will say she has the best voice is rock music now and one of the best in pop music there!

Funky D said...

I don't think I'm gonna come out (nh) and say that I like Kelly Clarkson yet, but yeah, I think I like the song. It's toooo damn catchy. Thanks for the support though, Donna.

Andy said...

I had forgotten until now that you said you updated your blog last night, but here it is. And it's a doozy. We get a no homo, Kelly love, NapDaddy references (we rarely don't, though), and even a Medeski, Martin and Wood joke (perhaps). Well blogged, Funky D!

Andy said...

Your blog is dumb. My comment only shows up when I'm actually about to post ANOTHER comment. It was a good comment too. Dumb ol' blog.

Funky D said...

Yeah, that delay is weird.

Anyhoo, thank you very much for the recognition. You just won something (for the MMW catch), but I'm not sure what yet...oh wait, I know, the travelin mixtape I already promised you that I'm gonna make tonight!

Andy said...

Hey Funky Deeeezy: hows about 7:35 for the Devil's Rejects? That leaves plenty of time for the music game and other non-homosexual shenanigans afterwards if you're so inclined.

Also, talked to Jason, and he's down for the Panda Inn/Quenching Caverns expedition, although he did try to say "No, he's not invited" before I explained that since it was your idea, you kind of had to be invited.

Funky D said...

Word. Call me. Could be too tired.