Friday, September 09, 2005


After much laziness, I'm trying to tweak the presentation and permanent content of this here blog. Let me know what you think about the new changes (especially if I fucked something up). The other sites I write for do not have indices for particular writers, so look for "Andrew Patton" at Team Columbus, and "A. Patton" at the Slum. Help please: I cannot figure out how to reduce the spacing between lines in the "Elsewheres I Write" or "Blogs" sections in the sidebar. If you have an idea, get at me dog!

Also, if you're looking to rock for a good cause next week, how bout this:

Hurricane Katrina Benefit with

Two Cow Garage
The Blue Revision
What Made Milwaukee Famous (Austin, TX)
Starving Goliath

High Five Bar & Grill
1227 N. High Street
Thursday, September 15th
8 PM Doors, 9 PM Music
Tickets $5

I mean, it's obviously for a good cause, but if you need any more inspiration, I will be there. There ya go.


Andy said...

Um, Randy Orton's got nine lives but I've got nine knives?

I don't know. Your post didn't leave much to respond to.

Longhorns suck.

The Humanity Critic said...

Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

Andy said...

That was tantamount to a drive-by

Funky D said...

Eh, at least it didn't hurt. I would call that spam, but I don't think it really is. And way to make something (a comment in the first place, that is) out of nothing, Lord Nappius.

abele said...

My fucking jet's broken again. And I want more Hound Dogs. Additional generic music related comment.

Funky D said...

I dunno, I hear the jet makes it out to Cali just fiiiine. Maybe it has to be cartin wimmens.

Andy said...

Child support check can burn like torch!

Keith said...

For reduced lines, you may try holding the "shift" key when pressing enter. Whether or not that does anything really depends on the editor.

Andy said...

Was that Keith's first visit to this blog? That would be funny. Surf-by technical advice.