Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Keep holdin!

Sorry Naps, no mind-blowing format changes this week. I haven't rocked too much since last week. I did make appearances at the System Link getdown on Weds (with Dave) and the Fonosluts' Memorial Day hip-hop show on Sunday night at Bernies (with Dave and Andy), but I have nothing insightful to say about either, sadly. There are many free shows this weekend, however, that I may or may not attend. Friday is Springfest, the yearly free show put on by OSU's student-run radio station, KBUX. Lotsa good performers, including Blueprint in an early slot (cuz he's playing the Scribble Jam Tour stop in Chicago the same night!!!), Roosevelt Franklin, Tree of Snakes, and headlined by the Walkmen. Saturday is a BYOCocktail party at Used Kids featuring Moviola and Terribly Empty Pockets, and also Hempfest on campus, including an 8:30 set from Illogic. Looks like a good time to me.

June 11th
As the faithful few already know, June 11th, 2005, is shaping up to be one of the greatest days of...the history of the world. In case you are being caught unawares and would like details, I will break it down in detail for you:

~11 AM: Wake up after thoroughly enjoying the Renkes' graduation/house-warming party, which will have been deejayed by yours' truly.
11:30 AM: Leave for Cleveland. This will be the weekend of the CMJ Minifest in that fair town. To make sure their hometown is represented properly, Exit Stencil Recordings is hosting a free BBQ/Showcase at the Beachland Tavern! The first band, Mystery of Two, is on at 1:00, but we don't know enough about them to leave that early.
2:00 PM: New Lou Reeds at BBQ.
3:00 PM: Peelander-Z at BBQ!
4:00 PM: Roue at BBQ!
5:00 PM: Leave for Columbus.
~7:30 PM: Clippers game. This is the shaky part. WWE Superstar Mick Foley is signing autographs at the game! No, THAT's not the shaky part. At press time, we are unsure whether Mr. Foley is appearing before/during/after the game. Obviously, since the game is a 7:05 start, a pregame appearance would conflict with the drive back from Cleveland.
~11:00 PM: Electric Grandmother Release Party for PEE SELLS...BUT WHO'S BUYING? at Cafe Bourbon Street. Wow, it's gonna be awesome! The Columbus-based sitcom-core pioneer will celebrate his 32-track, 65-minute epic with a bill that also includes the Ocean Ghosts, the Squares, and Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth.

As you can see, June 11th will be the best day ever. GET READY!

June 7th

Sure, some other chumps like Coldplay and the White Stripes may be releasing albums next week, but if all goes according to plan, this coming Tuesday will also mark the release of Blame it On the Youth by Columbus' The Sun. If you don't know, start reading here. Or maybe check out the official site here. That's a fancy major label site right there. Anyhoo, this album has been liberally leaked (and burnt copies have been sold in stores), so I can honestly say that I like it alot. Even the softer, sweeter songs are nice, but most of the tunes rock pretty hard, one way or another. There are a few holdovers from the old EPs, but not too many. As a guy who has been a fan for over two years, I think you should buy the hell out of it! Now! And let's pray it's not delayed.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Andrewgynous! The City by the Lake beckons once again. I'm putting out feelers to see who wanted to road trip up to Cleveland to see Sleater-Kinney - Friday June 17th. (Venue's the Beachland Ballroom, in Euclid on the NE side.) I was thinking of you, Franz and Lucas for starters - what sayest thou? Talk back to me, blue-eyed gangsta.


Funky D said...

Oh Kehn, you silly man. You don't need to tell me where the Beachland is. Of course, this is where your post inadvertently showed me that I had some major omissions in my glowing preview of the Day of Our Lord, June 11th. Namely, I forgot to include the venue of the BBQ (Beachland Tavern) and the Electric Grandmother release party (the Bourb). Thank you (now fixed).

So anyway, this could possibly work. I mean, why not go to at least three shows in Cleveland in June? Dead Meadow is opening for S-K, who would also be cool to see. Of course, this all reminds me of the JSBX/S-K show at Lil Bros in early 2003 that the Mannhaus missed out on due to the show selling out. Keep me posted, Kehn.

Anonymous said...

Hm - good point. if it's in danger of selling out (may have already!)... oy. Shouldn't be too hard to get tickets online, and I'll volunteer myself to do it. I would like to act on this tonight - give me a call later this evening and we'll coordinate w/the Others.


Funky D said...

Yes, it's actually easy and cheap to get tix online. I'll holla!

Andy said...

I'll say it anyway. The Coldplay song on the Garden State soundtrack is the bomb!