Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We got the jazz, we got the jazz

Boomin in ya, boomin in ya, boomin in ya jeep. Sorry, had a serious Tribe craving as I started this post. Maybe it's cuz people are concerned for/tired of Q-Tip all of a sudden. Eh. I did need some Tribe, so it's all good. The rest of this week shalt be busy:
Weds: Modest Mouse/Camper van Beethoven @ Promowest Pavilion
Thurs: Digable Planets/Grandmaster Flash/Procussions/Lab Rats/Whoever @ Agora (Cleveland CMJ Fest)
Fri: Renkes Jam @ Renkes Jamspot
Sat: You know the deal, scroll down for "June 11"
Sun: ECW PPV, 'Kwon wants to go to Bernies afterwards!

OSU Springfest

Damn, this was pretty sweet. I got to the East Oval (I guess) around 5:45, and as I turned the corner towards the stage, the joyous sounds of "Serious Knife Fight" by Tree of Snakes greeted my ears. The boys rocked the sunny, sweaty stage, with crowd assistance on such jams as "I Am Lion" and "Yellow Snow." Next up was Blueprint. As usual, he had a pretty good set of hip-hop entertainment, with assistance from DJ Rare Groove and DJ PRZM on the beatbox. He did alot of tracks from the new album, which is dope, and some remixes and whatnot. My favorite moment was when Bru Lei arrived during "Tramp," a song from the new album where Print tells a story about a tramp that lied about having slept with Bru. After the song, Print apologized for any trouble he might have caused with his fictional tale. Cute. Next up was Mouth of the Architect, a sludgy metal band from Dayton that was decent but a good time to take a break at Mama's Pasta 'n Brew. I came back to the end of Silencio's set, which was some local instrumental rock of average interest. Then came a set of two local bands that share the same drummer: Sweetheart and Dis Yourself. I think Sweetheart was first, and their two man + laptop instrumental rock-techno-jazz jams were cool. Dis Yourself (I think) was good when their thick metal jams were sans vocals, but the screaming kinda killed it for me. It's happened before. Next was Roosevelt Franklin, whose set, though slightly flawed, was probably my favorite of the night. Mr. Len and Kimani were a great comic duo, with Len ripping on Kimani from behind the wheels of steel and Kimani talkin shit, like any good MC would. Sure, Kimani did fuck up my favorite RF song, "Insomnia 411" (though "Muppet Love" and "Kurt Loder" are damn close, obviously), but they were fun, and fun to yell at. And I enjoyed the close of their set, where Mr. Len cued up "The Joker" and the Cheers theme and Kimani yelled at us to sing along. Good times. Next was Thunderbirds Are Now!, a Detroit dance-punk-rock-whatever band that would do well on the radio right about now. A few songs rocked, but their weird over-the-top stage antics were too much to handle. Unless you think a spastic, long-spiky-haired keyboardist walking around his keyboard while holding a chord is rock 'n roll. The Walkmen were the headliners, but despite some promising rock tunes, I ended up bored. The songs ended up lumbering too often and the singer's emotionally-screamed vocals didn't carry alot of weight. Oh well. I had alot of fun.

Saturday night, among my travels, I saw Terribly Empty Pockets and Moviola at Used Kids and Lori at Ravari, and all were good. Something about that night does not lend itself to story-telling.

Crazy Bill To Anticipate

Weds, June 29th, Skullys: Sound of Urchin, Moth, and Stretch Lefty (Release Party?!?). Crazy. I missed SOU a few months ago, and I was pissed. These crazy NYC dudes play wacky rock that can melt faces. Moth is an awesome, former-major label band from Cincy that I've wanted to see live again ever since my first CD101 Low Dough Show, at Flanagan's in '02 (so long ago that I completely forgot about it). And Stretch Lefty is a local reggae/lotsa other stuff band that I've also wanted to check out for a while. This must have coagulated through a billing experiment gone...right.

Well, I'm outie 5 billion. I'm gonna rock out with my cock out for the rest of the week, so wear a body condom!!! "Raow Raow! Like a dungeon dragon!"

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