Friday, June 17, 2005

Cleveland...I might as well live there

Yes. I'm leaving in about an hour for another music-related voyage to Cleveland, my 3rd in 9 days. This time, the maxed-out posse of Kehn, Lucas, Katie and I are going to the Beachland for a fine double bill of Sleater-Kinney and Dead Meadow. It should be a tight show. I'm sorry about the delayed update, but I've been pretty busy and y'alls are NOT inspiring me. With that in mind, there will be some interactive blogging this time (read below). Sorry, but sometimes it bes like that.

Journalism HO!
You may remember from a recent update that I am now writing a few reviews for The Vertical Slum. Well, I can now tell you that I have another gig writing for a Columbus-based music website. I am now a proud member of Team Columbus!, a group of writers reviewing and hyping Columbus shows and Columbus bands. Last week's introductory post is here, while my fresh review of Wednesday night's Caesars show is here. Team Columbus is just one of the fine pages under the umbrella of, one of my favorite music sites out there. It is run ably by Mr. Robert Duffy, but I am happy to be able to help him cover Bustown jams. Someday I'll get around to linking it up on the side over there.

Here, loyal reader, is your chance to vote (in the comments link below) for a review of any of these recent shows that I have not had the time or willpower to review. Knowing the comment traffic of this site, anything that gets a vote will get a review written here...soon.

June 12th: ECW Pay-per-view; Bernies
June 11th: Electric Grandmother CD Release Party @ Cafe Bourbon St; Exit Stencil Recordings CMJ BBQ @ Beachland Tavern, Cleveland (Peelander-Z, The New Lou Reeds, Mystery of Two)
June 9th: Digable Planets/Grandmaster Flash/Procussions/Lab Rats @ Agora Ballroom, Cleveland
June 8th: Modest Mouse/Camper van Beethoven @ Promowest Pavilion
June 2nd: The Wrens/Troubled Hubble @ Little Brothers (forgotten during last post)

There you have it. Exercise your American duty, and vote, biatch!


Andy said...

June 12th!

Funky D said...

I knew this would happen!

Andy said...

That's the benefit of being the most consistent poster!

Anonymous said...

Drewpy Dogg - Also talk about the June 17th sleater-kehnney expedition that rocked so hard that even the bugs came out in force! But more importantly than that, what date was your blog entry on Zach Starkey's show? I SO have to read that now.

Also, Cynthia on Zach: "Poor guy. I wonder if he knows how much it sucks to be him?" heh.


Funky D said...
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Funky D said...

Gay. Kehn, I will review the S-K show, don't worry. The link for the requested post didn't work well, so just click on the November 2004 archive link, and it's in the middle of the first post on that page.

abele said...

Anything with digable planets gets my vote. You know, cause I'm Cool like dat.
Also- its "run abele" not ably.

Lucas said...


Angie and I are organizing the rock show expedition to Chicago (pronounced CHEEK-AGH-HOH)on July 16-19th. Everyone get that Monday off, preorder your tickets, and get ready to roll out.


lucas said...


Ignore pitchfork affiliation. If anything, it will be a reason to PUNCH INDIE ROCK CRITICS during the LES SAVY FAV set. They were a rockin' good time when they hit Columbus (just ask Andy) so they'll be twice as nice when you see 'em in the big ol' city.

Andy said...

Les Savvy Fav rocked my glasses off and the lead singer returned my Jimmy Snuka love. Greatest fat guy in teeny tiny shorts ever.

Anonymous said...

hey buddy,

I'm gonna be in killumbus this week if you wanna chill. lemme know.


Andy said...

I just noticed that you said "bes" Haha.


JYD was a God amongst men.

Lucas said...


Today is the last call to reserve a hotel room with us for the Intonation rock festival thing in Chicago. If you want to come after today, you can still go, but you have to find your own place to stay.

Email me at sanzoluk at yahoo if you want to go.

blogdollar1 said...
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