Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Word to the Third

What up peoples??? There's lots of music out today, or coming out soon. Amy, I was basically aware of the fact that the second installment from the Handsome Boy Modelling School came out today, but thanks for the reminder. It's pretty good, eh? I might have to pick that one up soon. Of course, I've neglected the first one for a few years, so maybe I should rock that a few times first.

I just placed a pre-order at HipHopSite for MM Food and Die, Rugged Man, Die, the debut release from Ra the Rugged Man!!!!! Man, it took him even longer to come out than the Large Professor. Damn the man! I also need to pick up that Stones Throw 101 DVD, looks craaaaaazy.

In future plans...not too much. The rock and the pockets are toned down for Po-vember. But, some sort of crew WILL be rolling to the Del Tha Funkee Homosapien/Haiku D'Etat/Zion I/Bukue One/Opio show at Little Brothers Friday night. Should be dope. And there's always possibilities on Saturday night.
Soooo...about that rock
Saturday night, after my kamikaze mission to pick up Mirror Music by Wordsworth at Magnolia Thunderpussy, I went to see Dr. Lonnie Smith w/ the Tony Monaco Trio at the King Arts Complex downtown. It was quite an organ-splosion. Monaco started out with the trio (Robert Kraut on guitar, Louis Tsamous on drums), then Smith came out and played with them, then both organists together, and back and forth. Though Smith didn't play "Move Your Hand," he did rock some good tunes, including a fine version of "Caravan." Good sheeite.
Though the focal point of Friday night was the not-so-rocking Mannhaus Party, I did manage to see two bands. Dan Melchior's Broke Revue did rock Used Kids rather hard, and I was pleased. I didn't know that they were playing Cafe Bourbon Street that night until the day of, daamn. In mid-party shenanigans and attempts to meet up with folks, Renkes and I did catch Cinema Eye at their release party at Skullys. Their new wave-punk-noise can rock, but not that often.
Well, that's enough for now. Now that I've toned down the rockgasms, I should be able to write more about other things, but don't hold your breath. Also, because two potentially large commenters on this blog are currently unable to do so, I may just have to sell my soul to Blogspot and get a new template. Hold Your Heads!

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