Monday, November 01, 2004

The best non-rocking night ever!

Ahhhhhh. The sweet relaxation of Rocktober recovery, which will last........about a day.

Reminder: Come to the Ravari Room on Election night to receive your required rocking. You know you want to...and you won't like Wicked Lung & the Wookalar when they're angry? That's all I got. You know the haps. Word 'em up!


Well, in recent sporting news, the Rocktober Rockets defeated the Loverboyville Soul Bleeders 21-10 in the first ever football game to last the entire month of October. Or in other words, out of the 31 days in October, I went to some sort of show on 21 of those days. Of course, I had to hit shows the last 8 days in a row to make those kind of numbers, but it was worth it?
Anyway, my current tally of bands/sets seen on shows dated in October (Andy knows what I'm talking about) is 52. This may or may not be correct, because this is a difficult thing to count. I will come up with some sort of Top 5 list or something soon, I'm just not feeling it tonight.

Thursday night, Andy and I did indeed catch his co-worker's husband's band, Alpha Zentradi, at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe. Boo. They sounded like they had just hatched from the "Incubus-ator." They were opening for Oval Opus, and so while the place wasn't too populated when we showed up, when we left half an hour later, the Scarlet & Grey was perilously close to...CRITICIAL CHOTCH MASS!!! So of course we fled the scene and wandered campus, observing quality Halloween costumes and pissing off a couple drunk girls who wanted to talk about "Wiscompton." Ha.

Friday night, I went completely insane. The benefit of this, however, was seeing Charlie Hunter with Bobby Previte & DJ Logic at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Due to various cancellations and mishaps, I ended up going by myself. I just couldn't stay away, try as I might. I got there at 9:30, and the guys had already started! But I don't think I missed much. I left at midnight, and with a set break, I saw two hours of spacey jams! How much can one ask for? This short run of shows for this particular trio was in support of Hunter and Previte's album as Groundtruther, Latitude, with guest Greg Osby on saxophone, on Thirsty Ear Records. Logic fit right in to this sweet mess of technological jazz. Though I've listened to a fair amount of Hunter, it was a whole 'nother thing to see him live. For those of you who don't know, he plays an eight-string guitar. This sometimes gives him a very organ-esque sound, and enables him to play a guitar and a bass part at the SAME TIME! Pretty sweet. Previte is a veteran drummer who now uses alot of electronics. He had effects where when he hit a drum, it would produce a sampled sound, not the sound of the drum. It was crazy. I sat directly in front of him for most of the second set, which was cooool. And of course Logic provided jazzy atmospherics and some nice beats. The guys didn't play much that I really recognized, just lots of spaced-out grooves and beats. Since I survived the trip, it was definitely worth it. I made it to the first Mannhaus Halloween party of the year around 2:30 and still managed to rock a set!

Saturday night, I went to the Camper Van Beethoven/Damnwells show at the Newport, which was cool. The Damnwells are a rootsy rock band from Brooklyn (not a very Brooklyn-esque sound), and they rocked rather well once I got into it. It was fulfilling to see Camper on their big reunion tour supporting their new album, New Roman Times. They played the new album, the hits, and some older album cuts, so it was a good mix for a newbie like me. I met an old hippie named Chick there, who was funny. He was keeping an eye on his wife, who, like himself, is a "Lowery Lover," and was pre-disposed to jumping on stage with David Lowery (the lead singer who went on to form Cracker). He also told me about how he's in the Train fan club or whatever and that he highly recommends the new live album, which he has an exclusive advance copy of. Wow. It appeared to make his night when he was able to light Lowery's cigarette for him, and he told me to "be like him when I'm older." I'll give it a shot. After the show, I made it to Davekwon's 7th Annual Halloween Movie Marathon, which was mostly just entertaining for Balderdash, but still a good time.

Sunday night, to make sure that a ridiculous Rocktober was put in the books properly, I walked down to Bernies for the Blueprint Chamber Music release party, featuring Print, Fess, & DJ Rare Groove as Greenhouse Effect and some opening raps from CJ the Cynic and Ill Poetic from Cincy. Mr. Dibbs did not show, unfortunately, but a good time was still had by all. CJ's new stuff sounds damn dope, and whenever his Weightless album drops, it will be worth buying. To capture the Halloween spirit, Print and Fess were dressed up as the Blues Brothers, and we all sang along to various Blues Brothers songs throughout the set. Since Chamber Music is instrumental, he really didn't do any songs from the album, and they basically just rocked older vocal material, which was obviously fine. There was also a "Soul Train" dance line, and the requisite moshing to "Hold the Floor." Good timez. Of course, I got back around 3, which kinda blew, but whatever.

So there you have it. Rocktober. I don't have a whole lot of future shows to hype, but De La Soul is at the Alrosa on Wednesday night, I will be rocking another Mannhaus Halloween Party on Friday, and Dr. Lonnie Smith will school folks on the organ Saturday night at the King Center. That's enough. Tomorrow, bitches!

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