Monday, November 15, 2004

Hey hatas, how bout a hiatus???

What's up with y'all? I must be doing nothing of interest, or at least writing nothing of interest, for the silence around these e-parts. Or maybe you're just in mourning for the passing of Po-vember. I would attribute it to ODB, but that just happened, so that's not it (RIP and Happy Birthday). Well, the 905 is about to bend over and take it from SBC Yahoo DSL, so it looks like I'll be without internet for close to two weeks! By the time I'm back on, I'll probably have something interesting to say, along with a new template, but without apartment internet, I seriously doubt I'll post anything. So I'll keep the rock to a minimum. I think Andy and I will hit the First Annual Vertical Slum Electric Holiday on Saturday at Little Brothers, as the lineup features Don Caballero, This Moment in Black History, 84 Nash, and other rocking bands. Read more about it here, then decide to join us. On the 26th, the hallowed day after Thanksgiving, Andy and I will venture to the hallowed Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland to see THE DIRTBOMBS with Peelander Z & The Kill City Kills, which should be frickin' awesome. Other than that, the next two weeks should hold little rock, which is sad but necessary.

On Friday night, Andy and I attempted to see Cali Comm 2004 featuring Del at Little Bros. We didn't buy tickets, as we thought there was no way a $20 hip-hop show would sell out. PWNED! It sold out pretty early that night. We ran into Columbus rapster Blueprint (along with Fess), who was also unable to get in. That's when I knew I deserved to be on the outside looking in. So we crossed the street to Skullys to see the "RIP PROGRESSIVE THOUGHT 1960-2004" show, featuring some questionable acts and our friends The Unpossibles. The first act, Marvin the Robot, has always intrigued me due to his interesting stage name. I heard a song of his on the old OSU Underground comp that I didn't like, but I was still intrigued. Well, the thrill is gone. It was half an hour of mediocre beats with Marvin playing the guitar and wailing. Oooffffff. Next was House of Cards, a full band that sucked slightly less than Marvin. They were a rock band with beats, but their music was a bit too light and lame. Halfway through their set, we started eyeing the door. Sure, we were there to support Keith, Don, and the guys, but we still had half a set of HoC crap and a full set from the feared Digital Empire!!! The prospect of a painful set from Edward Campushands proved too much, and we took off. Sorry guys. We went over to Andy's favorite watering hole, Cafe Bourbon Street, and caught the headliner, Tim Lee and his band. It was some decently rocking roots-rock, and was fine background music, in the words of Lord Nappius. So all was good, as we rocked the night best we could.

On Wednesday night, I met up with Ashley and Katie to see the Tony Monaco Trio for the second time in five days, this time at the Ravari Room. They definitely tore it to pieces, as it seems they like to cut loose at the Ravari. I also managed to pick up a copy of the new Fiery Blues CD from Tony (as well as congratulate him on a job well done the Saturday before), which is pretty sweet. I'm starting to recover from my recent organ deficiency, and if you wanna help, come with me to the Ravari some Wednesday.
Well, that's about all he wrote. It might be December before I write shake a turkey leg or something.


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