Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will Wonders Never Cease?

New Hussein Fatal, "Pop Like Me," from a supposedly upcoming album, Born Legendary!!! Dave?


Andy said...

Who? What? I'm too tired for Wikipedia.

wycvcgrr: The growling sound a Wyoming pharmacist makes when his young are in danger.

Andrew said...

"Around my way, all they do is shoot dice all day
Escapin secret indictments, gettin nice all day
Don't let em fold ya, Outlawz, the Getto Star soldiers
Give this letter to the President, before this shit is over"


Andy said...


Lee said...

I am deeply offended as an American because he uses the name Hussein.

RON PAUL '08!!!1

Davekwon said...

Sadly the audio is down on my computer, but it's Fatal, so it is clearly gold. When Hussein aim puttin' they brains on walls like tame name, blastin' these mutha fuckaz cause they just can't maintain!

Lee said...

"Will Andrew's Blog Never Update?"