Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yes, I know, the excitement is basically dripping off the screen...

Womp womp womp. My writing is still slow in coming, but there is a freshly posted blurb about a phantasmagorical rock show at the Ravari Saturday right about here, so read up! Otherwise, I'm just trying to survive this lovely weather. Thanksgiving was good visiting my sister in Berkeley, CA, so I guess I have that to remember fondly. The year is coming to a close, I suppose. I know this because I'm supposed to be handing over lists of the top records of 2005 to both of those fine linked sites on the right, and I haven't made many decisions yet. I've tried to focus my listening on this year's material lately, but I keep getting stuck on The Most Known Hits by Three 6 Mafia, which did come out in 2005 but I suppose doesn't really count. Damnit.

Well, the writing is still not pouring forth, so give me ideas or something, please. And look out for a theoretical interview with Cincinnati's IsWhat?! that should be coming soon.


Andy said...

That guy is sort of reminiscent of heroin chic Uncle Fester.

ulifilm: A movie that can be compared to a utility infielder. Like "Suckerpunch."

Funky D said...

hahaha. Thanks Andy, this blog needed that. When I return to the Bus, I will update. A birthday present for everyone.