Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes indeed, I am now 26. Andy, Chops, Adam and I celebrated in fine style last night to the sounds of the Hoo Doo Soul Band at Oldfield's on High. Good times. So yeah, I'm now even older. The only presents I have received so far today are...(pics would be here, but the computer is struggling) Mike Jones-Who Is Mike Jones?, and John Cena & The Trademarc-You Can't See Me. Yes. Thanks Dave! I will try to listen to them rapidly for purposes described below.

(EDIT) The end of the year is upon us. My Top 10 albums of 2005 are now posted on Swizzle-Stick, so please check it out! I am trying to finish writing up my Top 20 for Team Columbus!, so I'll let you know when that list is ready for public viewing.

Also, real Putt-Putt still survives in North Carolina. Yes, it is still awesome. That is all.


Anonymous said...

dj drewsasta!
pimpin' masta blasta!
bringin' funk to the millions
of william-clinton-villians
his reign o' doom
goes boom funkdagger boom!
chicks all
get with him
to ride his funky
We should all word up and hit the Ravari
And stop playing with your Atari
Cause Drew's fueling mad rhymes with a rocket booster
And top secret plans that he stole from Wooster
And he don't hold back and he don't ease up
When he dropping mad mojo upon deez nutz.
Happie B. Day means he 2 hott 2 handle
When he busts out his katana and snuffs out your CANDLE!


swizzle-stick said...

Psst ... check out the Swizz

Andy said...

Holy shit. Did Kehn repeat one of his previous signatures? Has that ever happened?