Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey look, I did another interview!

Please check out my interview with Portland, OR, hip-hop artist Ohmega Watts right here. I also reviewed last week's Apes/Modey Lemon show here. See, I'm doing something, sorta. As you astute motherfuckers may also notice, I have replaced the Vertical Slum link with the Swizzle-Stick link, since I'm writing for the Swizz again and tVS is on hiatus, or in a cocoon, or some witty metaphor. Stay alert. Well, gotta go. I'll write some substance sometime.


abele said...

Is it just me or is Ohmega watts wearing an Ubiquity tshirt? Hell yes.

Funky D said...

He is indeed (good fucking catch), and he also designed one! He's a multi-faceted dude. NMS Saturday?!?!?!?!?

abele said...

sorry about the SF thing saturday night drew, but to make up for it you'll be happy to know we caught a funk band in sactown. At one point, I counted 16 people on stage, including a full horn section, standard funk band type instruments, 3 hot chick singers, 1 honestly-dressed-like-a-pimp lead singer, and 3 smokin hot dancers. No injuries reported.