Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Well, I guess I was hungry for stink..."

The lesson for the week is: Humor is about both funny material and audience. Just remember that. Anyhoo, I hope you had a good weekend. Chris Abele did indeed win the latest uncared-about trivia challenge, but his mighty reward of a post dedicated entirely to him is still in the works. I'll shoot for next week sometime. And I did find the best piece of vinyl ever on Saturday at Sour Records in Westerville...but you'll have to hit Ravari next week to find out what it is.


The Octopus Project attacked the High Five again last night, and it was awesome. Yvonne's theremin playing is fucking tremendous. Lotsa jams, and instrument-switching, and hinting at Usher songs, and other blizznazz. I definitely recommend their instrumental-electronica-rock for all! Locals The Patsys came on before, and were OK. It was weird to have them on the bill, because they are a straight-ahead rock band, but whatever. First up was Soft Top Jeep, which was two skinny guys "singing" weird electro-rock songs about Melissa Etheridge having cancer and then butt-dancing to "Drop It Like It's Hot." Weird, but they (with a decent legion of friends in the audience) would have been a much better lead-in to the headliner than the Patsys. Oh well, good timez.
I saw/heard bits of Trapper John and Junior High Mustache on Saturday at Andyman's Treehouse and Postal Friday at Ravari, but not enough of any to warrant a report. Keep rockin', boys.
Thursday's show at Cafe Bourbon Street was pretty sweet. Wet Leather (Dayton) opened up with some good rockin stuff. Hard for me to describe right now, but they brought it, don't you worry. And it's always good to see a fellow College of Wooster grad bringin the rock, just like The Unpossibles or that other band. Then Enemy Love from Boston came on with some bombastic keyboard-punk or something that rocked the house. And the chick was kinda hot too. Davekwon showed up during their set, which was awesome. Unfortunately, I could not stay for Times New Viking, but I'm sure they were cool too.

Song of the Week

"Kitchen" - Sex Mob, Dime Grind Palace, Ropeadope Records, 2003

I got this album for a song at Sour Records on Saturday, and this jam just reached out and smacked me. Funkiest beat for a weird-jazz song ever! Great stuff.

Well, that's about all I got. Don't worry, Abele-love is just around the corner. So is VHS or Beta, who I'm seeing at Skully's tonight with Todd from work. Rawk! More rocking to happen this weekend, including Envelope's jam at the High Five on Friday and Matisyahu, The Hasidic Reggae Superstar, at the Newport on Sunday. See ya there!

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