Monday, January 24, 2005


REMINDER: I, Andrew "Funky D" Patton, will be playing records with Wicked Lung & the Wookalar at the Ravari Room tomorrow, Jan 25th, from about 10:30 on. No cover yo! Bring your dancin shoes, or your drinkin boots, or whatever other footwear you deem appropriate for such an occasion.

I hope you have had enough time to properly absorb my review of the year that was 2004. I've rocked considerably since then, so it's time for...


It was quite a weekend for the rock 'n roll at Skully's here in Bustown. Saturday night, the smashed out posse of Chops, Andy, Franz, Lucas, Angie, and myself saw The Tough and Lovely, You're So Bossy, & The Blue Revision, and it was quite the rock-splosion. Blue Revision was a decent opener, as they exhibited the first of 3 awesome drummers of the night and mashed together some rock with some buzzing electronics for some moody jams. Definitely a band worth seeing. You're So Bossy, though they play out very infrequently, is still one of my live favorites here in Columbus. Sam Brown, drummer extraordinaire (currently of The Sun, formerly of The New Bomb Turks) is the lead singer of this project, his wife (Estee Louder) plays drums, and some other folks help out. The drums were socked once again as the band tore through some rockin' numbers. I forgot how high Sam's singing voice is, but he still rocks hard, haha. A smashtastic set indeed. Finally, the Tough and Lovely came out and burned through a fine set of hard-rockin' garage-pop-soul. Their drummer continued the percussionary murder spree, and the rest of the band was equally crankin. I hadn't seen them in a while, so it was a great reminder of their awesomeness.

Friday was a serious day de la rock. It started with my cousin Nate and I catching hilarious Canadian band By Divine Right at the CD101 Big Room, thanks to some lounge points. It was awesome! Lead singer Jose was crackin' wise at Jack Devoss, the other guys were laughing along, and Colleen the guitarist was knitting, which was pretty sweet. My favorite quote, to paraphrase:

Jose: "Where did you find that out?"
Jack: "I have my sources."
Jose: "That's good. We're from out of town, we need sources."

After leaving the CD101 studios, Nate and I (along with Beth, Rob, and Erin) saw Spanglish at Lennox, which is a pretty good movie that I recommend you see. Later, Chops and I made it down to Skully's to see By Divine Right's actual show. Another awesome performance. By Divine Right is a good-time-drug-rock band, to sorta quote Chops. They reminded me of a cross between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and, I dunno, The Byrds or something. Funky, rockin, and hilarious. What more do you want? More bands need talking "Zippy Print" shirts. Check out By Divine Right on the web here, then buy their album at Magnolia Thunderpussy for $10.11. Thanks CD101! Afterwards, I met up with the gang at Oldfields. I did not manage to catch Dream Merchant, but Magpie seemed to be pretty decent. What a rockventure.

Thursday night was a salvaged hip-hop mishap at Little Brothers for Andy and I. The bill was Jean Grae/Diverse/Spitball. Columbus' own opened up and tore shit apart. Some crazy gang of white kids called PBJ were hyped-up, breakin chairs and fooling with the stage monitors. It was a good set, when I wasn't scared of dying or breaking my new glasses. After their set, however, it soon came to light that the touring headliners were running very late. So we got treated to all sorts of thrown-together entertainment. There was a very brief Racist Joe set, as Daymon drunkenly attempted to perform his hit single (without the actual beat), but struggled with the chorus. DJ Bombay threw together a few scratchin' routines that were rather nice, the guy's got skeeelz. The highlight was Blueprint coming on stage without any instrumentals to rock over PRZM's beatbox, some random instrumentals, and drop some accapellas. He performed a variety of his material, and even brought out some new stuff. This was brand new stuff that he didn't have memorized, however, so he read it off of his cell phone! Hilarious. Print seems to be very good at handling rough performing conditions. Then Pos2 spun some hip-hop jams, including "Mr. Ni**a" by Mos Def, during which he held up the album cover (Mos Def's face) in front of his face and pretended to rap. Slightly after midnight, when the word came through that Grae and Diverse were still 40 miles away, we took off. I heard that we missed some quality, but we still had a good time.
Wednesday night, Andy and I rocked in an unusual place: Whiskey Dick's on 161. There were definitely some grizzled bikers in that joint. But it mattered not, for we were rocked to pieces by The Heroes of History and Mors Ontologica!!! The Heroes came out first and kicked out all sorts of rawk! Another strong performance. I did yell once for my song, but I decided to give them a break and let them rock without it. It was my first time seeing Mors, and they were pretty awesome. I guess you could describe them as a funk-rock-noise band, with a saxophone player and everything! To finish an enjoyable set, their encore was a raucous cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," which was hella sweet! I need to see these guys again...and again.
Last Saturday, Andy and I caught The Ritchey Brothers and Sens at Little Brothers. It was Sens' going-away show, but their hippie jams were a bit too hippy. And the lighting system was blinding. Andy's uncle is one of the Ritchey brothers, and the three brothers and band jam pretty hard. Even WCBE DJ Mike Taylor plays bass with them! It was cool to finally see them, and I hope to see them again soon.
Friday, a motley gang went to Oldfield's for The Unpossibles w/ Glare and Halophane, who I didn't see much of. Glare sounded like a middle-aged Motley Crue (I know, so does the Crue), with a lead singer who kicked over his mic stand at least 10 times. The Unpossibles rocked hard in their last show for a while, as Don the lead singer seems to be moving. So they made it count. It was 10 days ago, though, so I really don't have much else to say about that.

Well, that's enough for tonight. I will work on some other content here soon, but don't hold your breath. Just come out to the Ravari tomorree (see, it rhymed!), and we'll all be happy. Now enjoy some awesomeness!


Andy said...

I still think you should have worked harder at getting them to play "Your Mom." Also, that picture is horrifying.

Funky D said...

Horrifyingly awesome? I agree. And yes, I probably should have fought harder for "Your Mom," but I was trying to take a break from being "that guy," you know?

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention the Black on Both Sides- I was ROCKING that last saturday while cleaning the garage, but my stupid roommate kept whining and asking for NPR instead, so I followed it up with Blackstar. That will learn him.
I expect a full blogport on the goings on in ravari tonight. I was gonna come out but I donated the jet to tsunami relief. I ask only that you spare Hound Dog's from your Funky D-struction, cause damn thats tasty pizza.
Lastly- I'm sure at lease one of those 4 pictures is shaq, but I really cant tell which.
abele (likes mos def but hates shaq)

Funky D said...

Wow, that took me forever to get to this screen. Anyhoo, Abele, it's obvious to me that while you may pretend to know something about Mos Def, you still need a hip-hop guide of some sort, an urban sherpa, per se, to help you through day-to-day life. That pic is a comparison of two faces of Sloth and two faces of Biggie. There is no Shaq. Say what you want about the guy, but he's not that fat.

And don't worry, there will be a full report of tonight's activities, including my virtuous rescue of Hounddogs from impending despair.

Anonymous said...

hey drew...what time are you heading over? and who all is coming out to represent...or something?


Anonymous said...

dammit drew- Sherpa this. Of course I know thats biggie. I was paying attention in college... You have to admit though, shaq does look like sloth (except dumber).

Funky D said...

Haha. I figured as much, soon after my response. But that sherpa might still help.

Gina, I should be there around 10 or so. Various segments of the Mannhaus contingent should arrive at different times, or maybe even the same time, to "represent," haha. I don't know for sure who will be there, but I'm pretty damn confident that Andy, Adam, and Ashley will attend. And yes, there is some Black Keys waiting for you if you make it out tonight.

Anonymous said...

woot! black keys por mi!!!!! thanks!
i should be able to get out there tonight, probably won't be able to stay out crazy late with work the next am. i'm gonna try to convince akia to come with.

Heroes Of History said...

thanks for coming out to the show all the way out on Dublin Granville.

Funky D said...

Well, thank you, sir(s), for the rock. The drive wasn't that bad, and it's always interesting to check out a new place. There were some rugged looking bikers though...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap its the Heroes of History. You know your blog is rocking when bustown's (am I allowed to call it that?) best band ever is hanging out.

abele said...

In fact, they rock so hard I got a screenname so I can quit the anonymous crap. Now dammit drew, what happened at ravari?