Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yeah, I've lost the inspiration to write here, so I think this blog is about done. Maybe a new blog soon, about one particular topic so completely nerdy that no one will care about it (oh, I have one in mind) (EDIT: IT ALREADY HAPPENED!!!). That way I won't worry about how dead the blog is. I know, my severe gaps in content killed it, not you. My problem.

You know the drill. If this little sliver of cyberspace is somehow important to you, holler back in the comments, or tell me in real life, or something. Of course, a few people did that in '06, and that didn't have much lasting effect on me, so this time probably doesn't matter either. Sorry. I won't ever delete this blog, so long as I have control over that, so that's not a worry. Dinner time, so I'll weep my way to Grandma's. Later on.

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