Wednesday, July 09, 2008

B(l)ogging Down

TFD FTW!!! Anyhoo, what up? I hope you, my .435 of a reader, are having a great summer, or at least 43.5% of one. I'm doing pretty damn well, and definitely better than the home PC (little lunch break here). As previously chronicled, the amount of music stored on ol' Compy reached dangerously high levels in early June. The backup drive seems to be pretty solid so far, but the memory backup sync software (or my skills in using such software?) leaves something to be desired. So, it had previously backed up decent-sized files that I had since deleted. When it did not find those files on the computer, it decided to restore them! So, I came home one day to the message (to paraphrase), "You have 0 MB of memory left. Delete files now." @*$%&!!!!! So, I managed to get the computer back from that cliff and am now working on getting all the shitty or unlistened-to music off the computer and onto the hard drive (or recycle bin) EXCLUSIVELY. Compy is gradually getting less grumpy, so hopefully a large-scale purge will give me a sleek computing machine once again.

I am starting to have some ideas for new content, so begin holding your You can stop holding it for those MP3 mixes I shiftily referred to last time.

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