Sunday, July 24, 2005

Grab Them Cakes!

I figured that if I'm gonna come back from my 3+ week absence, I gotta do it in style. Wow, this has taken way too long to happen. My double-digit readership has now surely retreated into the safety of the single-digits, which is sad. But I gotta do what I gotta do. So I'll give you a breakdown of exciting, awesome stuff.

Tremendous Movie, yo

Just saw this today, and it was amazing! I wish Andy was there with me, but "MAMA SAYS IT BEEEEES THAT WAY SOMETIMES!" Soundtrack: killer. Acting: good enough. Cameos: phantasmagorical. Gore: splendiferous. "I give it a 10!"

Downtown Friday Night
Read it here.

Alright, gotta go get laundry. There will be more soon. Thanks for reading.


Andy said...

I would have gone, but it seems that I've come down with a nasty case of "mopeybastarditis". Nothing Scribble Jam can't cure.

DM said...

Sorry we didn't meet up Firday night. To my defense, I was DRUNK ASS HELL. The bar owner let me drink free that night, so it was no good. YOu probably seen me, but I was DRUNK ASS HELL, and you thought, Donna seems nice and well mannered, not like that DRUNK ASS HELL girl over there. Next Friday, I'll be at the John Legend concert, so I'll keep you posted. We'll hook up though, mos def.