Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snow days ROXOR!!!

Yes indeed, no work for this guy today. Thank God for working in Delaware County, where it's a Level 3 Snow Emergency. So Chops and I are hanging out and cooking 3 lb burgers!!! Call me sometime to make sure I'm alive. We're currently bangin' the new Afrika Bambaataa Dark Matter Moving At The Speed of Light album, which is one fuckin' party! It's still cheap at Magnolia Thunderpussy, so rock that shit, homie!

Andy is talking about good stuff here, so check it.

I've been reading alot of year-end stuff these days, but I think I found my favorite review-blurb ever at ol' Read the following Madvillain blurb by Dom Sinacola in its entirety here, but it's even better out of context:

5. Madvillain Madvillainy (Stones Throw) Three brothers discuss the beer in front of them. One is seven, one is ten, and the oldest is fourteen. The youngest brother sneers, complaining that beer tastes gross and how when he gets older he’ll never have any beer. The ten year old has heard rumors about beer, has sat in hidden corners and listened to the organs of his parents’ friends' voices pump and trip through the alcohol. The oldest brother grabs the beer and opens it. At first he winces, but soon he grins. His adam’s apple bulges and his littlest brother cowers. It is a great moment in one young man’s life.



Andy said...

Did I miss something or is that not at all about MadVillain?

Funky D said...

Oh Andy, you have to look for the deeper meaning...I mean, yeah, that guy is crazy. Like I said, if you go to the link and read the whole presentation that he is proposing, it makes slightly more sense. He is probably hinting at some bullshit that us laymen are too dumb to comprehend.

Andy said...

Well, I'm DEFINITELY too dumb to comprehend it. I'm sure it's something about hip hop elitists and overhype.