Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"Houses of the Holy...was a really bitchin' album"

Damn, that was out of the blue, but the above title is a lyric from a helluva song. The first person to tell me the name of the song AND the name of the artist that recorded it wins...THE CD OF THEIR CHOICE, THAT I WILL ACTUALLY GO OUT AND BUY IF NEED BE! THAT'S FUCKIN' CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!! GET TO IT!!!

Future Awesomeness
Sure, the holidays are approaching, but that doesn't mean that we can't get down. Anyway, on Friday night after the company Xmas party, I will try and catch VHS or Beta (for the fourth time this year) at Skullys. If folks wanna meet there, that would be cool.
Saturday is Turkey Day and...Me and Franz's Bitchin' Birthday Bash at the Mannhaus. You know the name of the game. Be there or/and be square.
Sunday is...my 25th Birthday! I plan on going to Oldfield's on High to catch The Hoo Doo Soul Band, so I think you should too!

There has not been a whole lot of actual rock lately. John visited this weekend and we tore shit to pieces, nuff said. In our various related bar excursions, Chops and I were lucky enough to randomly catch The Fat Girls by the Snack Table at Bernie's! Actually, we stumbled in there to see if George Moshington was killin' it, but after waiting for a set change, we found 2/3 of one of my favorite Columbus bands on-stage. Man, that was great, dancin and clappin and the whole nine yards. Check 'em out here, and check 'em out live when they play at Bernie's again on December 30th with Bravado and Diet (well, according to the Girls' site at least, I thought Diet broke up or left town or something).

Lots of people are making up their big Best of the Year lists. I'm not usually that good at such a thing, but now that I'm a big rock critic (see?), I am working on making an attempt. For right now, check out Dave Drake's "sinsurr" choices, the favorites of the staff of Columbus-based Donewaiting.com, and some hip-hop choices for you to make, read, and eat.

I suppose you could say that M.F. Doom's MM..Food is a disappointing album. After all, the hype was reminding us that this is the official "second" M.F. Doom album, cuz, you know, Viktor Vaughn/Madvillain/King Gheedorah/etc. are different people. Now, of course, most of the songs are hot. "Rapp Snitch Knishes" is one of my favorite songs of the year, and I love "Hoe Cakes," "Potholderz," and "Deep Fried Frenz" too. But why, oh why, all of the Doom-sample skits?!?!? It annoyed me enough that I sat down one night over Thanksgiving and analyzed the running time of the album. By my count, out of 49 total minutes, only 34 minutes were used by actual songs. Tracks 6-9 are all skits. I know, Doom loves reminding us about the story of Doom, and the particular food theme here, but damn! In the end, it's still a good album to me, because there are songs that keep drawing me back. But with some more rappin?????

Well, I could probably meander wordily about gobbledy gook, but who wants to read that. Post up your answer now, and celebrate my birthday this weekend! Peace!


Andy said...

I wanna say... the Rugburns, "Me and Eddie Vedder". I will take my copy of Big Willie Style now.

Funky D said...

Oh Andy, you lovable scamp. You win, you win. Well, that's one cheap Christmas present for you this year. Hell, at this rate, you might even get Shaq Diesel AND Shaq Fu: Da Return IN ADDITION to Big Willie Style.

Andy said...

Damn it, I already HAVE Shaq Fu: Da Return and it's various remixes of "Biological Didn't Bother". Rick Robinson is the best gift giver ever. EV-AR.